It’s Dead, Jim . . .

I was up about 8:30 this morning for no good reason. I could have slept a whole 30 minutes longer,  but I was awake, so what the heck.

About 9:30 I headed up to Brandi’s to pick up Jan, Landon, and Aunt Sherry to have breakfast at The Egg & I in Webster.

Landon Jan and Sherry at EandI

After a really good breakfast, and a pot of their delicious Hazelnut coffee, I dropped everyone off back at Brandi’s while I headed back to the rig with a quick stop at Fry’s Electronics to pick up an HP Deskjet 1000 for a client.

If you need an inexpensive inkjet printer that produces excellent quality output, check one out. I bought one last year while we were gate guarding after my Samsung Color Laser died. I was looking for something at Wal-Mart that was cheap and small, and the 1000 fills the bill.

I paid $49 for it and was very surprised to discover how good the print quality was. So good in fact, I didn’t replace it when we got back on the road.

But the reason I was getting one for a client was that, unlike many other printers, the 1000 still works with Windows XP, which is why my client wants it. And even better, the one at Fry’s was only $29. Nice!

After Fry’s it was back to the rig, and back to work. I’ve still got a long list of chores to get done before we leave on the 18th.

My first job was done before I even went inside the rig. And that was to install the new Rain-X wipers on the truck. I first used them last year, and liked them enough to use them again this year.

Next was to finally check out my airbag repair of a couple of weeks ago. To do this I had to crank up the rig and raise the levelers. First off, it was nice to hear the diesel start right up after being unused for 3 months. You always wonder.

After starting it up and waiting about 30 seconds, I put it in High Idle and went outside. I could still hear the Low Air Pressure alarm for a couple minutes, and then about 15 seconds later the rig came up on all the airbags. Great! Ready to hit the road.

The funny thing was that when I came back in the rig, both cats were sitting side by side staring up at the large box I had stored on Jan’s seat. That’s where they usually ride in Jan’s lap when we travel, and when they hear the engine start, they expect their chair to be ready.

Next up I finished reinstalling the valance/shade combo in the living room and got it adjusted correctly. Now all the shades are good for another 14 years.

My final chore was some cabinet work. I needed to replace the drawer slide end mounts on two of the kitchen cabinet drawers. The only difficulty was the fact that I only had access to the back of the cabinet through the drawer openings, but I finally got it fixed.

That was about it for jobs today. Jan was just going to order pizza for her, Sherry, and Landon at the house, so I didn’t go back over.


Well, it’s not really dead, but it is defective. My Globe Helicopter has a problem.

Globe Helicopter

No matter how I steer it, it only goes in one direction. I flew the one at EPO with no problem, and it didn’t do this. I tried to see it I could trim it out somehow but didn’t have any luck. So back to Amazon it goes. I’ll order another one when I get a chance.

Tomorrow it’s back over to Brandi’s for breakfast with Jan and Landon. Brandi and Lowell should be back sometime in the early afternoon, so I’ll hang around until then.


Thought for the Day:

Political correctness does not legislate tolerance; it only organizes hatred. – Jacques Barzun



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