Cuckoo, Cuckoo . . .

After coffee this morning, I spent some time working on some more rig chores before Jan and I headed out about 2pm.

My first stop was, what else, a client’s office for a few minutes to take care of a couple of problems. Then we headed over to Brock’s Car Care to pick up our truck.

I was happy to hear that they found the fix for my overheating problem. For the last year or so, if we were idling or driving slowly with the AC on, the engine would start to overheat. Turning off the AC fixed the problem.

Turns out that my truck has a completely separate electric fan for the AC condenser and it had pretty much died. Replacing the fan fixed the problem.

Also along with the fan, I had Freon added to the AC, an oil change and lube, and everything checked out overall. So we’ve got a clean bill of health for another year.

Then we headed back down to League City to turn our rental truck back in to Enterprise. The Dodge RAM truck we rented was a nice ride, although if I bought one, the first thing I’d do is buy some step rails for it, because getting up into it was a steep climb.

Rental Truck

Dropping off our rental, our next trip was about 20 miles away to Los Cucos over in Pearland. We were meeting longtime friend’s Bonnie and Richard. Jan and Bonnie worked at the same hospital back in the 1990’s and have remained friends ever since. Bonnie and Richard are always on our get-together list whenever we’re back in Houston.

Bonnie and Richard

After dinner, we drove back to Bonnie’s for coffee, Blueberry Dump Cake, and good conversation, finally heading home about 8.

Tomorrow is the beginning of a Landon weekend. Jan will be taking care of him starting Friday afternoon, and lasting into Sunday, while Brandi and Lowell get a weekend off. I’ll be in and out, but mostly will continue to work on things here around the rig.


Thought for the Day:

In my many years I have come to a conclusion that one useless man is a shame, two is a law firm, and three or more is a Congress. — John Adams



3 Responses

  1. Greg,Does your Fred Meyer card still give the 10 cent gas discount at Kroger ? Thanks, Lloyd at Green Caye Rv in Dickinson……

  2. Wise man that John Adams!! Hehee

  3. Lloyd,

    Yes it does.

    The only catch that I’ve found is that I have to buy something, anything, at the start of every month before it will give me the 10 cent discount.

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