Cold, Dreary, and Wet . . .

It was pouring down rain when I woke up this morning and never really let up all day.

After morning coffee, HEB Cinnamon Hazelnut, if you’re interested, I took down the living room valance/shade combo so I could repair it. Unfortunately this one actually has a broken cord up inside the shade, so it will have to be replaced. I going to redo all four cords to be sure I don’t have any other worn spots.

To get this valance down I had to lower the sofa down into the bed position so I could get to the screws at the bottom. Actually had trouble remembering how to do it, since the last time we used it was in 2008 when we flew our daughter Brandi and granddaughter Piper up to Fairbanks, AK to spend a week with us.

But by the time I finally figured it out and got the valance down and the shade disassembled, it was time to head out about 12:30 to meet a friend of Jan’s. Then it was back over to Kemah so Jan could get her hair done.

While she was hair-involved, I made a pass through the nearby Home Depot for a few things until Jan was ready to go.

After that it was home for the night and the last of our homemade Chicken Tortilla Soup.

I talked to Brock’s Car Care later in the afternoon and found they were waiting on a new condenser fan, and my truck wouldn’t be ready until tomorrow, so I’ll have to drive that big Dodge Ram truck for another day.

Oh, darn.


Thought for the Day:

"After a shooting spree, they always want to take the guns away from the people who didn’t do it." – William S. Burroughs.



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  1. Howdy Greg, Just don’t get to used to TBDT; they are ‘spensive!!!!


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