The Good News is . . .

the next I have to replace the seat on our Dometic toilet, it will only take about 30 seconds, as long as I use the same brand of seat.

But instead it took me about 2 hours to get the old one off, due to how tight the nuts underneath holding it on were. I could have gotten it off easier if I had pulled the toilet from the floor, but I was trying to avoid that.

Finally I just drilled the bolts out from the top, which took a little care so I didn’t accidentally drill into the toilet body. But about 15 minutes work and it was done.

Then a couple of minutes to install the new bolts and then about 30 seconds to mount the new seat, and it was done.

Next up was a quickie job: Mounting a new CO Monitor on the ceiling in the bathroom. That went smoothly for a change.

Then I started looking at the last remaining shade that I need to repair. It’s the one in the living room over the sofa. Unfortunately this one either has a broken string, or at least one has pulled back through the Day portion of the shade.

But it looks like I’ll need to lower the sofa into the bed to get access to the screws at the bottom of the valance. But that will have to wait until tomorrow, because right now we need to head over to Brandi and Lowell’s to Landon-sit for the afternoon, while they checked out some more houses.

After dropping Jan off at Brandi’s I ran some errands before ending back there for the afternoon. Landon was his usually sweet self and we had a lot of fun playing with him.

Brandi and Lowell got back about 4:30 and about 30 minutes later we all, along with Aunt Sherry, headed over to King Food for dinner. And after a great meal, we all headed home for the night.


Thought for the Day:

"The people have a right to keep arms; therefore, if we should have some Executive who attempted to set himself up as dictator or king, the people can organize themselves together and, with the arms and ammunition they have, they can properly protect themselves. . . ." – Rep. John W. Patman



2 Responses

  1. Greg
    what is your opinion of the, iMac 21.5-inch 2.5GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5
    My desk top PC is taking a dump on me so I am looking at switching to a iMac. You can PM me or answer here if you like. At least my laptop is still working correctly. I hope.

  2. Pat,

    Sorry to be so long getting back to you.

    Personally I’m not a big fan of Macs. And I was actually an Apple Certified Repair Tech when I worked for a local University about 15 years ago.

    But it’s been my experience, that unless you started out on Macs, or need to run a specific piece of software that only runs on Macs, it can be a difficult transition for a PC User.

    Everything is different. The mouse is different, one button instead of two, and the controls are different.

    Any reason why you’re thinking about switching over, other than your PC is acting up?

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