Another Problem Fixed, almost . . .

Well, the problems diagnosed and the part ordered anyway.

Jan and I walked this morning and along the way ran into to Dick and Lillis, our dinner partners from last night on their way to do laundry. Looking forward to dinner together next week at King Food.

Afterwards we sat outside with our coffee and just enjoyed the nice weather. After the two weeks of rain we had, the sunny weather is really nice.

A little later I started working on another coach problem. Regular readers might remember that as we were in Louisiana coming back to Texas in November we lost the air in our rear airbags. Made for a bumpy ride home, believe me.

After talking with Spartan a while back I was pretty sure there was a problem with the proportioning valve that divides air between the front and rear bags to help keep the coach as level as possible.

And since my front bags were working fine, the valve was my first stop. And crawling under the rig (well, more like wiggling. I had borrowed my son’s mechanic’s creeper, but the combination of the creeper and me just wouldn’t fit. So wiggling it was.), this is what I found.

Airbag Rod

The rod that connects the proportioning valve to the chassis had broken loose and was hanging free.

Airbag Rod End

You can see here where the rod had broken loose.

And this rubber bracket was where it broke loose from.

Airbag Rod Bracket

My call to Spartan led me to a great new website – RV Chassis Parts.

They carry parts for all the major RV chassis manufacturers, and products from all of these companies and more.

RV Chassis Parts Companies

I was quickly able to find my part and order it online.

Airbag Bracket

And it cost me a whole $1.63 . . . so I ordered two, so I’ll have a spare.

And even better, about a hour later I got an email telling me my parts had already shipped. Great service.

Next up before we leave here in February is to get my leaky rear wheel seal fixed.

Leaky Wheel Seal


Our niece-in-law? Laura Robinson posted some great pics of our great-nieces, Avery Jane, Ella, and new addition Annisten. A beautiful trio of girls.

Avery Jane - Ella - Annisten


Around 4:30 I fixed dinner for us, homemade taco salads, with romaine lettuce, chili ground beef, refried beans, pico de gallo, pepper jack cheese, and fresh jalapenos(there are more under the cheese). Jan also added fresh avocado to hers.

Homemade Taco Salad


I baked the tortilla shells using tortilla pans made especially for that purpose.

Tortilla Pans

Just put your large flour tortillas in the pans and bake them at 400 degrees for 8 to 10 minutes. Easy peezy.

Here you can find the Perfect Tortilla Pans I used on Amazon, although I only paid $5 bucks for mine at Fry’s Electronics.

This is definitely a meal we’ll have again.


Thought for the Day:

History repeats itself because human nature is static.



6 Responses

  1. you need to get something to hold coach up when you wriggle under it in case an air bag sprins a leak .i have seen airbag on a prevost rupture .wayne

  2. Wayne,

    Wouldn’t make any difference now as there is no air in the airbags at all, and hasn’t been since Louisiana.

    The levelers are down, but only enough to stabilize the coach. They aren’t lifting it off the tires.

    So the clearance I have now is not going to change.

  3. Not only are you good with computers you can cook too. Jan is lucky

  4. Ron,

    Jan has said I’m a better cook than she is, but I think that’s just so I will cook more.

    She’s a great cook. The way to tell is that I was skinny when we got married.

  5. Greg,

    I picked up your blog about a year ago from a post on Nick’s blog. I have been using RV Chassis Parts for a couple of years and they are good to work with. If you look at the website, it provides a way to build a personal parts list with which you can quickly and easily order future parts.

    Safe Travels,
    Richard King

  6. Richard,

    Thanks for the info.

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