Chicken and Seafood . . .

I spent a good part of the morning on some small projects around the rig, and working on a client’s computer.

About 12:30 I put half a dozen skinless, boneless chicken breasts in the slow cooker to poach them for future use. Only took a few hours because I cut them in half this time to speed things up. Just put them in water along with salt and pepper. A sample tasted really good, and we’ll be using these in some upcoming soup meals.

About 4pm Jan and I drove down a few spaces here at Galveston Bay RV Park to pick up Dick and Lillis Palmer, some new friends we met here. We were heading up to Floyd’s Cajun Seafood, probably our favorite local Cajun place. We been eating here since the day it opened about 10 years ago, and have known the owner since that time.

‘Floyd’ is Floyd Landry, one of the Landry brothers that started the Landry’s Seafood chain, after which they sold it to Tilman Fertitta in 1986. They now have 24 locations around the country.

As usual when we bring people here, Dick and Lillis really enjoyed it. We were glad, because you always hate to take someone to a restaurant you really like, and then get bad food or bad service.

After a really good meal and great time getting to know Dick and Lillis, we headed home around 6pm. Along the way we made a date to have Chinese in a week or so. Really looking forward to it.

Back home I worked on getting the client’s data off his old machine moved over to the new one. Hopefully I’ll be finished up soon.

Nick Russell called later in the evening and we talked about his recent washer problems, but it looks like he’ll have to wait and call Westland Sales tomorrow morning.


Thought for the Day:

Remember, nothing succeeds like excess.



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  1. I told them to look you up before Xmas! glad yall got together!

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