Cheesecake and Hello Kitty . . .

We didn’t do much this morning, but it sure was nice.

After our morning walk we just sat outside, drank our coffee, and watch the birds in and around the bayou. Mister laid out with us too, where he found a nice sunbeam to stretch out in.

About 1:30 I headed over to a client’s house to drop off a flash drive with the data that I pulled off a HD that I took out of an old computer that had died.

I got back to the rig about 3:30 just in time to turn right back around to take Jan up to the Cheesecake Factory at Baybrook Mall. She was having her yearly get-together with some of her coworkers from the last hospital she worked at before she retired and we hit the road the beginning of 2008.

I dropped her off at about 4, but the dinner wasn’t until 5:30. She got there early so she could get in line for a table for a group of six. They were already on a wait at 4pm so she just had to get in line since they don’t take reservations. But since she had her Kindle with her, she was just fine waiting.

After I dropped her off, I headed over to our storeroom to drop off the floor dolly that I used to work on our washer/dryer, and then picked up Chris’ mechanic’s creeper so I could use it to work under the rig.

My next stop was at the house so I could kill some time while I was waiting for Jan. They were having such a good time that she didn’t call me to pick her up until about 8. I think it was too many Long Island Iced Teas.

Heading home, we gave her friend Barb a ride to her home down in League City. In one of those ‘small world’ moments, Barb said her brother was an RV’er, and she was telling him that she had some friends(us) who were RV’ers too, and that we had a blog where we chronicled our travels.

He said a while back he had picked up a newspaper about RV’ing and started reading the guy’s blog, and this lead him to other RV blogs. This newspaper of course was Nick Russell’s Gypsy Journal.

Barb said her friends had spent last summer oil rig gate guarding in South Texas. He said one of the blogs he read had done that. In comparing notes, they figured out it was us!

Her brother sounded really impressed and told Barb, “I can’t believe you know Greg and Jan”.

Jan didn’t get your name, so if you’re Barb’s brother, leave us a comment and let us know.

Finally, wrapping things up for today, a 5 year old Pennsylvania girl laughingly told a friend at a bus stop she was going to shoot her with her soap bubble gun. Check it below:

Let’s Ban Imaginary Hello Kitty Soap Bubble Guns!

An adult overheard the "threat” and the 5 year old ended up being searched, interrogated by school officials to the point of crying, and all without her parents present. Later a teacher scolded her in front of the class and told her the police might come after her. Afterwards she was suspended from kindergarten for 10 days for making “terroristic threats”

She now had a lawyer to help her.

Don’t you feel safer now?


Thought for the Day:

Never give the devil a ride. He’ll always want to drive.



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  1. The world will always be fully stocked with non-thinking automatrons like these. Pablum in nonsense out. They can’t think, but they sure do know how to parrot.

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