Happy New Year !

New Year

After a quiet morning with coffee and conversation, we headed out about 12:45 for clients, movie, and dinner. Well, that’s the way it started, but not the way it turned out.

After spending a couple of hours with two clients, we were planning to catch a 4:45 movie and then have dinner. But we decided we wanted some Landon time instead as we hadn’t seen him since Christmas.

When we got there Landon was still napping so I tried to help Lowell with a VPN problem he was having. His company requires him to communicate with the company computer using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection for security.

Before he and Landon went to Oklahoma after Christmas it was working fine, but now back home, he can’t make a connection.  These VPN connections are always kind of finicky to set up, and Lowell said he had to spend some time on the phone with Tech Support to finally get it working.

I tried several different tricks I’ve used in the past, but with no luck. This VPN is a little different in that it uses an RSA SecurID card to authenticate the user.

RSA Card

The SecurID card generates a constantly changing 6 digit code that must be entered during login along with Lowell’s 4 digit pin. I’ve seen problems with these in the past when they get out of sync. I finally suggested that Lowell deleted all the VPN software and just start from scratch with the installation.

By this time everyone was hungry so off we went, and since everyone wanted steak, it was back to Outback again. Jan and I just ate there night before last but had no trouble going again.

But just like last time we had a great meal, but not so great service. So I guess our last visit wasn’t a fluke. Brandi especially was upset because she worked there for several years in the 90’s while she was in college and hates to see this.

Saying our goodbyes at the restaurant, Jan and I headed back to the rig to celebrate the arrival of the New Year in our normal fashion: falling asleep before midnight even arrives.

Happy New Year!


Thought for the Day:

Power can be checked only by other power.



6 Responses

  1. The sight of that RAS card brought back many bad memories!! I used one of those when I worked for Kimberly-Clark and could never get it to work on our at the time internet satellite system. I gave up on the company computer and just checked my work emails remotely using my own computer. I hear KC finally gave up those RAS cards recently.

  2. Greg,

    A well worded letter to Outback HQ is definitely in order here and be sure to include Brandi’s comments as a former employee. HQ can'[t fix something they don’t know about.

  3. Happy 2013 New Year may your year be filled w/love and happiness and peace to all Love Joan

  4. Happy New Year to both of you Have a great new year

  5. Janna,

    I’ve never had to use one personally, but everyone I know who has has had problems.

  6. Thanks, Ron.

    Same to you and yours.

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