It’s Dead, Jim . . .

Jan and our granddaughter Piper had scheduled a Girl’s Day Out with lunch, a movie, mani/pedi’s, and shopping, so they headed out a little before 11, with me about 15 minutes behind.

As for me, I was heading over to a client’s to earn some money to pay for lunch, a movie, mani . . . you get the picture.

I was going to finish the setup of the new computer that I started yesterday. But I should have known this machine was snake-bit right out of the box. In fact it crashed pretty much right out of the box.

The first odd thing was that it tried to turn on as soon as I plugged it into power. But powering down and back on brought it right up. Then, further into the initial setup, as I was entering the Account Name and the PC Name, the machine blue-screened, rebooted, scanned for HD errors, found none, and then settled down and worked fine.

I should have given up then, but it worked fine the rest of the afternoon as I installed more software. But then this morning right before I left the rig, one of the office people called and said they had been installing MS Office 2010 on it, and when they rebooted at the end of the installation, the machine would not come up. The power light was on but that was it.

And when I got to the office I found the same thing. I did unplugged it for about 5 minutes, but after I plugged it back in, the power light came back on and that was it. So I packed it back in the box and off to Fry’s Electronics I went.

Of course, when they booted it up at the store, it worked fine. Of course.

But after I explained all the problems I’d had, they quickly gave me a replacement machine and then it was back to the office. Back at the client’s office, I started the setup over, and this time everything went fine, with no problems.

Finally finishing up for the day, I stopped by another client’s to check in before heading over to the house to wait for Jan and Piper.

And as soon as they showed up, we said our goodbyes to Piper and then Jan and I headed toward home with a stopover at Monterey’s Little Mexico for dinner.

Chicken Tortilla Soup on a cold, wet evening. YUMMM!


Thought for the Day:

Officer: “Why did you shoot this man 6 times as he broke into your home?”

Home Owner: “’Cause the seventh time I pulled the trigger it went click.”



3 Responses

  1. You are such fortunate grandparents!! To get to spend that kind of time with the grandchildren!! (Even IF you have to work to pay for the fun times…it surely is worth it to you both). Some of us have not had such opportunities and probably never will…but I am so happy for you both!! Have fun!!

  2. Greg
    I have been following your blog for a year or two. I have a couple of questions could you PM me so I can get your opinion about the square and or which new phone.

  3. Officer: “Why did you shoot this man 6 times as he broke into your home?”
    Home Owner: “’Because the government first banned the sale of, then made me register, then confiscated my 30 round clip.”

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