Jabba the Catt . . .

or, this is why keeping the dog was a bad idea!

Jabba the Cat

Here’s Mister in his “Jabba the Cat” pose. He likes to sit like this in my computer desk chair. Kind of Master of All he Surveys.

Tonight Jan talked to the lady that took in the dog we found. They’ve named him Opie and said he’s doing fine. Seems like he’s found a good home.

Just as long as it’s not ours.

Brandi said Landon has become the front page poster child for the Children’s Lighthouse Childcare Center where Landon goes. You can see him here.



Jan and I headed about 1pm to first have lunch at the Chili’s up in Kemah before doing some errands.

Our first stop was at Fry’s Electronics looking to purchase 3 copies of Microsoft Office 2010 for a client, but all they had was the Student version which does not have Outlook which the client needs. So I’ll have to see about ordering it, or downloading it.

My next stop was right up Hwy. 3 at EPO – Electronics Parts Outlet, to find a replacement switch for a client’s computer. They had what I wanted but I found a little something extra.

A G-Maxtec 860 Quad-Copter at 40% off.

Quad Copter

You can fly it inside or out, and it will do flips and rolls. Check out the video below.



Our next stop after EPO was Brandi and Lowell’s for a little Landon time, and also to pick up our mail. Then after a nice visit we headed over to Kroger’s to pick up some things before we met our friend’s Bob and Maria, and Connie at Coffee Oasis, a local coffee shop. We had a great time talking and drinking coffee. In fact we spent about 2 hours without even realizing it.

All in all, a nice day, well spent.


Thought of the Day:

The NRA set off a firestorm suggesting that we put armed guards in schools.

If we can’t have armed guards in our schools, why do we have them in our Federal and State office buildings?

Why will we protect our politicians and not our children?



7 Responses

  1. IT AIN’T THERE!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Don’t know what happened.

    I didn’t post it.

    It posted itself.

  3. On your thought for today….if we have an armed guard in a bank protecting our money. Aren’t our children more important than money?

  4. I just talked to you yesterday and you said nothing about buying a quadcopter!! You acted all cool and layed back making comments about your helicopter saying how great it was then you go and buy a quad. You better bring it with you Tuesday. Bring it old man its on!!!!!!!;)

  5. Greg, you must be using a new program for your blog as your email now directs us to this website to read your comments. This is nice, and I like all the blogs listed on the left for me to peruse. Hope you and Jan and family have a pleasant Christmas.

  6. Jan,


  7. We’ll have a new TLC show.

    Quad Wars!

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