A Home for the Holidays . . .

Well, our little doggie has a home, and it’s not us, thank goodness.

Jan was out walking him this morning and the lady two sites down from us decided to take him in for her son. And so far she hasn’t brought him back.

But just in case the lady might change her mind, as she was walking away, I told Jan to pack up quick, we were leaving. The lady just turned around and smiled.

I also want to show off the artwork of my great-niece Stahlie Calvin.

Stahlie Calvin's Artwork for Les Miz

Stahlie Calvin's Artwork for Les Miz2

This artwork, showing scenes from the upcoming movie, Les Miserables, was recently featured on the movie’s official Facebook page. Stahlie, along with her sister Darby, are two beautiful, talented young ladies.

About 12:30pm I headed up to Pasadena for a client call. Ended up bringing the computer back with me. The microswitch under the bezel that powers on the computer had quit working and will have to be replaced. I probably won’t be able to find an exact replacement, so I’ll have to improvise something from a local computer surplus store.

Then it was on to the next client, who happens to be the first client’s sister. Her problem was that her computer would not update. The system needed about 30 updates, but it would go through all the motions, and then after rebooting, say the updates had failed and then undo them.

After confirming that a virus or trojan wasn’t involved (they can sometimes stop a system from updating.), I went through and installed the updates 6 at a a time, and it worked. I’ve used this trick before, and it usually works.

I got back to the rig about 4pm, and was happy to find that we were still dogless.

About 5:30, Jan and I headed for dinner and a show. The dinner was at Monterey’s Little Mexico, and the show was at the Alvin Opry.

The Opry is a family-oriented County-Western venue that we’ve been attending since the late 90’s. And their Christmas show is always one of our favorites.

Morgan McKay at the Alvin Opry

We were surprised and happy to see Morgan McKay back again. We’ve pretty much watched her grow up on the Opry stage, from a pre-teen into a beautiful young woman.

Tony Booth at the Alvin Opry

It was also good to see Tony Booth again. He’s so busy now that he only makes it to the Opry occasionally. Tony has a long history in Country Music, and has had numerous charted hits, including the No. 1 hit, The Keys in the Mailbox, in 1972.

After a great show, we finally got home a little after 11. Usually we got out to eat with a group from the Opry, but everyone just wanted get home tonight.


Thought for the Day:

“The only way to stop a man with a gun is with a gun.” — Daniel Greenfield



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  1. What you can’t see are Morgan’s killer red heels.

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