We Missed It . . .

and I’m sorry I didn’t alert you ahead of time. This past Saturday was Time Traveler Day.

This was the day you are suppose to run up to someone on the street and frantically ask them, “What year is it, what year is it?”. When they tell you, you say “Thank God there’s still time”, and then run off down the street.

If you have my twisted sense of humor, you’ll think this is as hilarious as I do. Jan doesn’t.

Out walking the other day, Jan and I saw this small camper who apparently travel with their own rock garden.

RV Rock Garden

The rocks don’t look like they’re from anywhere local so they must carry them around with them. But they’ve gotta weigh almost as much as the camper, and with all the plants, take up most of the space. Must be tight in there.

After three days of house repairs, I took the day off today, and except for juggling some client problems on the phone, pretty much did nothing but play on the computer.

Then a little before 5 Jan and I headed up to Clear Lake to meet Chris, Linda, and Piper, and finally get to eat at Franca’s. And we got an extra surprise when Piper brought her boyfriend Casey along.

As we left we got to talk with Franca for a few minutes and reminded her that when we first started eating there, she was 7 and running around playing with our daughter Brandi, who was 5 at the time. In fact this coming Monday the 17th, it will be 34 years since we first ate there.

After a great dinner, we all checked out Piper’s new car in the parking lot. She’s really proud of it as you can tell.

Piper's New Car


It’s a 2008 VW Eos, a sport coupe with a retractable hardtop that folds into the truck.

VW Eos 1

VW Eos 2

Leaving Franca’s Jan and I headed over to Brandi and Lowell’s to pick up our mail and get in our Landon hugs. It’s really rewarding the way his face lights up when he sees us.

Not sure yet what’s on tap for tomorrow. Just have to wait and see.


Thought for the Day:

Remember, a job not worth doing is not worth doing well.



4 Responses

  1. Is the house yours or your familys. Just wondering

  2. The things one learns when reading blogs. Had to Google Time Traveler Day-sorry I wasn’t a believer! Hilarious!

  3. It’s ours.

    We bought it in 1979 when we moved out here from Alabama when I went to work for NASA on the Shuttle.

    We were going to sell it in 2007-2008 before we started RVing, but the market cratered and we didn’t want to give it away.

    We were going to just close it up and let our son keep an eye on it, but then our daughter, unmarried at the time, decided to move down from Katy and live it in.

    Since then she got married and they had a child, so it all worked out.

  4. Barbara,

    Do you actually think I’d make something like that up? LOL

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