Printing in the Cloud . . .

Leaving Jan at the rig, I headed out about 8:30 to meet my son Chris up at Lowe’s to pick up the lumber for our trim project.

After getting our 1 x 6 x 10 Pressure-Treated boards we headed over to the house to decide how to proceed. What we want to do was install a horizontal trim board along the ends on the house, and also around the entrance way courtyard.

We decided to measure and cut the planks to fit, but leave the square end a couple of inches too long to allow us to cut it to fit as we install the boards. But before we nail them in place, I want to paint them first. Then we’ll just have to touch them up a bit later.

Our next step was to set up my 12” compound mitre saw so we could easily make the 45 degree angle bevels on the boards to make nice smooth joint between the individual boards. But our first cut showed a problem, The blade was shot and would hardly cut through one board.

My first thought was to head back over to Lowe’s and get a new blade. But on second thought, remembering that a new one is at least $50 and probably closer to $75, we decided to head over to our storeroom and pick up Chris’ saw.

While we were there we grabbed some other tools that would come in handy – a 4 foot fiberglass level and my heavy-duty air-driven nail gun. This will make it a lot easier to fasten the trim in place. But the flaw in this plan was we couldn’t find any extra nails to go with the gun, so we ended up heading back to Lowe’s anyway. But a $10 box of nails was a lot cheaper than a $75 blade.

By the time we left Lowe’s it was getting to be lunch time so we headed over to King Food which was nearby. Getting back to the house, it only took us about an hour to make all the cuts now that we had a good saw.

At this point we decided to call it a day because our next step was to paint the boards, and I hadn’t bought the paint yet. I didn’t figure we get that far today, and I planned to pick up the paint on the way back to the rig anyway.

But before picking up the paint and heading home, I stopped off at a client’s office to finish installing Google Cloud Print on one of their machines.

Cloud Print is another neat free program from Google, that once installed, allows you to print to an attached printer from any other machine, anywhere on the Internet. This will allow me to print online orders directly to their office printer instead of having to fax them over, thus saving me a lot of time.

Installation on the printer end is very simple. Just install the Google Chrome browser. It does not have to replace your normal browser, i.e. Internet Explorer, FireFox, etc., It doesn’t even have to be running. It just has to be on the machine. Then start Chrome, go to the Settings, and then the Advanced Settings, scroll down, and turn on Cloud Print. The only other thing you’ll need is a Google Gmail account. If you don’t have one, you can create one from here. And like Google Chrome, you never have to use the Gmail account again if you don’t want to.

Now if you want to be able to print from your Android phone, just download the Android Cloud Print app from the App Store (there’s also one for the iPhone too). The app will lead you thought the setup using the login name and password of your Gmail account, and then you’re ready to go.

You can print anything from your phone that has a Share command, or you can choose a file from within the Cloud Print app.

As far as the PC, I’m using a free program called Paperless Printer. Once you install it and give it your Gmail info, Paperless Printer will now appear as a printer selection with your normal Print command. Just select Paperless Printer, click the Print button, and your document or picture is sent to the remote printer, anywhere on the Internet.

It’s magic!

Thought for the Day:

"There is nothing so powerful as truth, — and often nothing so strange." – Daniel Webster



6 Responses

  1. How cool is that–not that I ever need to print from a “cloud” printer but if I do, I’m ready–thanks Greg!

  2. Thank you Greg. I just installed everything and tried it from my phone!!!!

  3. Does cloud printer need wireless printer

  4. Amy,


    Glad it worked out for you.

  5. No, it only requires that the receiving computer and printer be turned on and connected to the Internet.

  6. Didn’t know that you could paint pressure treated lumber until it had cured.


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