“A Date which will live in Infamy” – Never Forget !

Pearl Harbor Battleship

Jan’s sister Debbie sent over this latest photo of her new granddaughter (our grand niece), Annisten. She looks like a real cutie!


A little before 5 pm Jan and I headed over to Dickinson to have dinner at Monterey’s Little Mexico. Love their Chicken Tortilla Soup.

Then it was on down to Galveston to meet Brandi, Lowell, and Landon at Moody Gardens to take Landon through The Festival of Lights.

But since we had to go to the Aquarium building to pickup our tickets, we did a quick run-thru for Landon.

One of his favorites was the seals and sea lions, but the lighting was just too dark for any photos. But my favorite were these baby seahorses. This photo is a real close-up since in reality they’re only about a half inch long. Just amazing.

Baby Seahorses

Landon also really enjoyed the tunnel through the shark tank. His head was just spinning around as he watched the big sharks swim overhead, as he pointed and said, “Shark, Daddy. Shark”.

Moody Fish Tunnel

Moody Garden’s Festival of Lights contains over one million lights and 100 animated scenes, complete with sound effects, and takes about an hour to walk through.

Moody Gardens = Overall

A lot of the fun was watching Landon as he ohh’ed and ahh’ed at everything. His head would keep moving back and forth like a bobblehead doll.

Festival of Lights 1

Festival of Lights 2

Festival of Lights 3

Festival of Lights 4

Landon - Festival of Lights 5

Festival of Lights 6

Festival of Lights 7

The big Christmas tree out over the lake was really something. A perfect end to the night.

Festival of Lights 8

Thought for the Day:

"In times like these, it helps to recall that there have always been times like these." — Paul Harvey



2 Responses

  1. This is a day that truly changed the world. We were so unprepared to fight a global war, but the American spirit came through and we succeeded in just four years. A terrible price was paid and we can’t take for granted what we lost and what we gained. But the world is a better place because of the United States of America.

  2. My Father was a Pearl Harbor Survivor. If he was still alive today he would be 95yrs old. I was watching the Mid-Morning News today and they were talking about a ceremony to take place today,that was to start at the exact time of the attack. The person in charge of the ceremony on the Carrier USS Midway docked here in San Diego, stated that there was fewer than 24 survivors that were residents of the San Diego Area that were going to attend. I think that last year the Pearl Harbors Survivor Association, started to disband. I am not sure but I do remember that Lt. John Finn the last Medal of Honor Winner from the attack on Pearl Harbor Died on 27May10. Also he was the oldest MOH winner

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