Back to the Old Grind . . .

Kind of.

I realize some people might not consider living and traveling fulltime in an RV the “Old Grind”, but sometimes it seems we never have as much free time as we did when we worked fulltime.

I guess we’ve just traded one kind of fulltime for another. But we have a lot more fun.

We did get to sleep in this morning at least, the first time in a week or so. Although we were on vacation, so to speak, last week in Marble Falls, no one slept late. Landon wakes up about 6am and it’s pretty hard to sleep after that.

I did get up about 10 and then spent the rest of the morning drinking coffee and working on some client computer stuff.

Galveston Bay 77-2

But it’s a lot easier working when this is the view out the front of the coach.

Finally about 1:30 I headed out on some errands and a client visit. My first stop was the bank to make a deposit, and then it was on to the client’s office to take a look at that bad computer.

It was an older one and it looks like the power supply died, since it wouldn’t power up at all. This computer was one of several office computers that had been replaced a while back. But the client was still using this one  because it had Windows XP on it, and he had some old office software that wouldn’t run on anything after XP.

He said he still had a couple of others in the back, so I told him to bring one up. My first plan was to swap the power supply module out, but then it occurred to me that it would be quicker and simpler to just swap out the hard drive instead, and that’s what I did. So my client was back up and running in about 10 minutes.

My next stop was Brandi and Lowell’s to pick up the mail that came in while we were in Marble Falls, and then it was on to a nearby Kroger’s to fill up the toad with gas.

What in the world has happened with gas prices the last couple of days? Last Sunday when we got back in Houston I filled up with diesel for $3.53 a gallon. Today it’s $3.69 at the same station. And this past Tuesday I filled up the truck for $2.98, today it’s $3.09.

It looks like the prices are going up as the stations get fuel deliveries because I found a few stations still selling at $2.99, one of them being the Kroger’s here. But the Kroger’s about 5 miles away is already up to $3.09.

And it was good to find out that my magic Kroger’s Rewards Card still works. Actually it’s a Fred Meyer’s card we got in Alaska in 2008, but Kroger’s owns Fred Meyer’s so it works here too.

The magic thing about it is that it ALWAYS gives the $ .10 a gallon discount. Normally you have to purchased $100 of groceries to get the one-time discount, until you buy another $100 worth.

But I discovered when I got back from Alaska that with this card I get the $.10 every single time. Like I said, it’s magic.

I got home about 4:30, picked up Jan, and we headed out to La Brisa, a really good Mexican restaurant right up the road, for our usual great meal.

Coming home I got a call from another client, wanting to know if I was back in town, and could I come by tomorrow afternoon.

Like I said, back to the Old Grind.


Thought for the Day:

"Every great advance in natural knowledge has involved the absolute rejection of authority." – Thomas Huxley (1825-1895)



6 Responses

  1. It’s nice to be needed…. 🙂

  2. love your blog Greg you are an incredible Grandpa and thanks for the Marble falls photos my introduction to Texas before coming to the Davis Mtns /
    my kin had a little bar 2 miles north of Round Mtn /is gone now by the county line and Fischer is an intresting ol place with the bowling club and old store /last I was in there it was only a post office with empty shelves .We went to the Farmhouse Rest regularly and the Bluebonnet my kin lived at Cottonwood Shores and worked at Horseshoe Bay ,we discovered Ft Davis 7 yrs ago and love it here

  3. awww man. . .nobody does Fried Avocado like La Brisa’s . . .now I want one. . .tha is a beautiful view you have!

    ReadyToGoFullTimeRVing Blog

  4. Small World.

    We really enjoy the Marble Falls area and look forward going back again soon.

    Glad you enjoy the blog.

    Keep in touch.


  5. Thanks for the tips on the gas card/cards…hmmmm, me thinks maybe we should get a Fred Meyer one when we go out to help daughter in the spring…that is in Seattle?? Think that might work as your old one does? No Fred Meyers back here in VA, but plenty of Krogers!!

  6. Elizabeth,

    I have no idea if new cards would work or not.

    Mine is 4 years old and they didn’t do the gas credits in Alaska at all.

    I dread mine getting worn out and having to replace it.

    I’ve never heard of anyone else’s card doing this.

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