Brisket, Ribs, and Cobbler, Oh My!

Today, being our last day here in Marble Falls, started off in a relaxing way, but picked up as the day progressed.

It began with us out on the dock watching Lowell, Brandi, and Landon tooling around the lake in the paddleboat, while drinking our Starbuck’s coffee that Lowell had picked up earlier. I told Lowell we were getting spoiled and now expected him to deliver coffee to us every morning at the rig. He said “No”.


Lake Paddleboat 1o

Lake Paddleboat 2

Lake Paddleboat 3

After a nice, slow morning, we got ready to head down south about 60 miles to have ‘lupper/linner’ at one of our all-time favorite BBQ places, The Salt Lick BBQ. In fact we all like it so much, Brandi and Lowell had their wedding reception dinner there in 2010.

Lowell, Brandi, and Landon were driving straight there, but Jan and I left earlier because we were making a detour a little further south to pick our friend Gina. Gina lives on a 600 acre cattle ranch near Fischer, and we always get together when we’re in the area.

Salt Lick BBQ 1

We got there about 1:45 and found the usual large crowd waiting for a table. But it was even more busy when we were here last February.

Brandi and Lowell had beaten us there by a few minutes and already had us on the list, but even then they said it would be a 30-45 minute wait.

Salt Lick BBQ 2

Our wait turned out to be about 40 minutes so I guess they split the difference. But this place is worth pretty much any amount of wait.

This is one of the 3 pits they have in operation, cooking up Beef Brisket, Pork Ribs, Sausage, and Turkey. That is a lot of good meat there.

Salt Lick BBQ Pit2

They have your BBQ sandwiches and plates, but with a two meat combo plate with all the fixin’s being priced at $15.95, the best deal is The Family Style Dinner.

For $19.95 per person (Landon was free), they bring out platters of Brisket, Ribs, and Sausage, along with Beans, Potato Salad, Cole Slaw, and Bread, and then just keep it coming until you say “No Mas, No Mas”, or just explode, whichever comes first. None of us has ever exploded, but it’s been close.

And strange as it may seem, no matter how full we are at this point, we always seem to have room for their Homemade Blackberry Cobbler, Peach Cobbler, or Pecan Pie. We usually get a Cobbler Combo, which is half Blackberry and half Peach. And of course it’s got to be a la mode with Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla.

By the time we finished up, dropped Gina off, and got back to the lake house, it was after dark.

A long day, but well worth it.

Tomorrow we’ll head back to Houston about 9am, but first we’ll stop at the famous Blue Bonnet Café on our way out of town.


Thought for the Day:

"I’m just glad it’ll be Clark Gable who’s falling on his face and not Gary Cooper." — Gary Cooper on his decision not to take the leading role in "Gone With The Wind"



2 Responses

  1. Nothing like the real Texas Bar Be Cue with the authentic wood fire pit…

  2. Wow…another grand feast day huh?? Tis nice to extend those holiday meals when we can!!

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