Turkey Day + 1 . . .

This morning started out on the deck with Starbuck’s coffee, compliments of Lowell’s early morning run, though really it was Lowell, Brandi, and Landon who went. Jan and I were still asleep.

Actually even Landon slept in, since he didn’t wake up until about 6:45am.

We’d all decided that that today was going to be a do-nothing day, and it pretty much was. A lot of reading, resting, napping, and enjoying the view on the deck went on.

About noon Jan and Brandi put out the leftovers and we made another pass on all that delicious food, but it seems like we still haven’t made a big dent in it yet.

And after turkey it was nap time again.

About 3pm we all headed over to the local Wal-Mart to pick up some things. We were wondering how the Black Friday crowds would be, but although it may have been busy by small-town Marble Falls standards, for us it just a not-so-busy Saturday in Houston, so we were in and out relatively quickly, at least for us. But we were still there over an hour.

By this time we were all starting to get hungry, and by hungry, I mean we wanted some Mexican food. And the best place for that is The Maxican. And yes, that’s the way it’s spelled. We’ve been eating here for a number of years, pretty much every time we’ve come up here, though usually it’s closer to Christmas.

Jan had the Nachos, and I had the Marsha Special, which is a Poblano Pepper stuffed with Chicken and Cheese, and then covered with a Chipotle Cream Sauce. Really good.

Coming home we stopped off at Walgreen’s so I could get some cash from their ATM. They had a Chase Bank ATM so I wouldn’t have to pay a fee. And since we’re going to eat at Salt Lick BBQ tomorrow afternoon, and they don’t take credit cards, I’m going to need some of the folding stuff.

Tomorrow will be our last full day here, and we’ve enjoyed it so much, it’s going to be hard to leave Sunday morning. We all agree that we want to come back here again.


Thought for the Day:

If you’re going to tell people the truth, be funny or they’ll kill you. — Billy Wilder



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  1. it was Friday. DON’T RUSH MY LONG WEEKEND.

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