Back on the Road . . .

but not in our RV.

Tomorrow morning we leave for 5 days in Marble Falls to spend the Thanksgiving holidays at a rental house on the lake there. So most of today was spent getting ready to go.

I talked to American Coach about my rear airbag problem. They gave me some info on the ride height valve to check. It sounds like it may be my problem, but it will have to wait until we get back next week to check it out further.

Next I went online and ordered my new truck and rig tags from South Dakota, and they should be here next week.

Then it was time for some truck maintenance. I notice the other evening that one of my headlights was out, so I pick up another set at Wal-Mart yesterday. I like to use the Sylvania SilverStar Ultra Halogen bulbs because of the bright light they give off.

About 3pm Laura Lee, the park manager, came by to the rundown on cat-sitting this week. She’s going to be feeding our cats while we’re gone. We really appreciate her helping out.

About 4:30 we headed up to the Baybrook Mall area to meet our son Chris, wife Linda, and granddaughter Piper at the new Cheesecake Factory that just opened last week.

We got there about 4:45 and still had a 55 minute wait. I can imagine what it will be like during the Christmas season. We really enjoyed our meal, but didn’t see Penny. Guess she must have been off tonight. Maybe next time.


Thought for the Day:

"It is not always the same thing to be a good man and a good citizen." — Aristotle, 325 B.C.



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