The Last Day of 2012 . . .

or Shake, Rattle & Roll.

Yes, this is our last day of travel for 2012. We ended traveling 7151 miles this year, quite a bit less than our usual 10 to 12 thousand or so. But we might make it up next year. Who knows?

After yesterday’s sunset picture, I got this sunrise with the fog floating over the lake.

Poches Sunrise

We left Poche’s RV Park a little before 8am, heading for the Galveston Bay RV Park about 230 miles away, which will be our home for the next two or three months.

We stopped to top off our diesel tank right before we got back on I-10W. We had planned to grab a breakfast sandwich from the Quiznos Subs at the service station, but it turns out Quiznos doesn’t do breakfast like Subway so that was out.

Instead we ended up at the Cracker Barrel about 8 miles away in Lafayette. Love their RV parking.

Our trip was mostly fairly smooth with some intermixed Shake, Rattle & Roll. Since we no longer had the rear airbags, the ride was a rougher than normal with a lot of vibration. We kept our speed at 55, but even so, we’d hit rough patches that caused the rig to start porpoising and bouncing.

But we survived and pulled into the park about 3:30. On our way we stopped right up the road and topped our diesel off again. I also added a dose of algacide to the tank before I filled up to forestall any problems with condensation in the tank.

And on a pleasant note, diesel was only $3.53, a nice change from the $3.81 in Breaux Bridge this morning. I love Texas.

About 5:30 we headed up to the park clubhouse for Thanksgiving dinner. Jan made a batch of her Heavenly Hash last night in Breaux Bridge so it would be all ready to go this afternoon. We had a great meal, and a fun time meeting old friends and making new ones.

We even found some French Canadians that Nick would like. The couple were from Quebec and said they were heading to Mission, TX for the winter. Jan asked if they’d been to Florida, and the husband said he didn’t like Florida in the winter. When Jan asked him why not, he said there were too many French Canadians down there.

Like I said, even Nick would like him.

Tomorrow will be a busy day, checking in with a couple of clients, picking up food for our Thanksgiving, and get ready for our trip to Marble Falls on Wednesday.

Busy, busy, busy.


Thought for the Day:

"If a thousand shares of stocks or bonds make nothing, you pay nothing. But on a thousand acres of land you pay enough to support half the community who own no land and pay no taxes." – Will Rogers



2 Responses

  1. So — why would you pick on the French Canadians? Our experiences with them have shown they don’t follow common etiquette rules in campgrounds and are extremely rude.

  2. George,

    Don’t blame me. Nick’s the one that doesn’t like French Canadians.

    I just thought it was funny that this French Canadian doesn’t like other French Canadians.

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