Snakebit ?

Since this was our last morning here in Gulf Shores, we wanted to end it with a delicious breakfast, so about 6:45 (OMG!) we headed down to Orange Beach to have the breakfast buffet at Hazel’s Seafood Restaurant. Hazel’s is known for their buffets, especially their Sunday Brunch and evening Seafood Buffets. But we love the breakfast buffet and always try to visit at least once each time we’re here.

We were back at the rig by 7:45 and on the road by 8:45. The rig cranked up with no problems, and we were on our way back to Texas.

But our first stop was Dodge’s up in Foley to top off our diesel. Jan had followed me in the truck so it would be easier to get in and out of the station to fill up. She waited for me right down the street where we hooked up the toad and were on our way.

And everything went smoothly until we were in Mississippi several hours later. As we were coming off a section of rough pavement on a bridge, I noticed a funny vibration. But since we were planning to make a rest area stop about a mile up the road, I decided to wait until then to check it out.

Getting out of the rig I did a detailed walk-around. Something didn’t look right but it took a little checking to figure out what the problem was.

At first I thought one of my rear airbags was deflated, but after crawling under the rig, I discovered that neither airbag was airing up. Since my dash air pressure gauge was showing normal pressure I’m thinking the problem is in the proportional valve that equalizes the air between the front and rear airbags. But I’ll have to wait to get back to Houston to track it down. By taking it easy we should be able to get home OK. We did about 200 miles today after I discovered the problem.

I’m beginning to think our travels this year have been kind of snakebit. It seems to have been just one thing after another.

We pulled into Poche’s RV Park in Breaux Bridge, LA about 4:30pm and got park and set up. Then it was off to supper at another of our favorite places, Pont Breaux.

We’ve eaten here for more than 30 years, when it was called Mulate’s. But when we got here last year, we found it had changed hands and was now called Pont Breaux. But lucky for us, they’ve kept the same menu and it’s as good as ever.

So after a great meal, we were back at the rig for the night, but on the way in I did get this great sunset photo over the RV park lake. If you look carefully you can see a great heron perched on a float out in the lake.

Poche's Sunset


And to make it even better we have new Landon pics.

Brandi, Lowell, Aunt Sherry, and Landon, along some friends, Jason and Shawna Oakley, and some of their family, all visited the Texas Renaissance Fair north of Houston.

It was his first time and Landon had a ‘Two’fer’.

His first big Turkey Leg.

Landon's 1st Turkey Leg


And his first elephant. If you look at his face, he’s not too sure of the whole thing.

Landon's 1st Elephant


Tomorrow will be our last day of RV travel this year. We’ve got about 230 miles to go which will give us a little over 7100 miles for the year. Far short of the 10 – 12 thousand we usually do, but since we spent 4 months oil rig gate guarding in south Texas, it cut down on our traveling this year.


Thought for the Day:

"The crime of taxation is not in the taking it, it’s in the way that it’s spent." – Will Rogers



7 Responses

  1. I hope you get in okay, you’re sure had your share of problems with the RV this year.

  2. Landon is already turning from a toddler into a kid. My how time flies.

  3. From the pics you posted over the last few days. . .I’d say that Landon is pretty much the spitting image of his grandpa. . .when his grandpa was that age. . .love the turkey leg pic!

    ReadyToGoFullTimeRVing Blog

  4. Don’t leave us high and dry for seven weeks.

  5. You and Nick sure know how to get folks attention to the blog – his with ‘A trip to the Hospital’ and yours with ‘Snakebit’. If you had still been traveling together could have really lead to speculation.

    Seriously – Happy Thanksgiving to you and Jan and your family.

    That little guy sure is cute and growing up so fast. Enjoy him all you can!!! You won’t believe how time flies.

  6. ‘seven weeks’ ?

  7. Rosalind,

    Thanks, and the same to you.

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