Big Daddy’s Grill . . .

We got another photo of our new Great-Niece Annisten, along with her sisters, Avery Jane, and Ella. Three beautiful young ladies!

Avery Jane-Ella-Annisten


Thought I’d post some more pics of growing up in Gulf Shores.

This one is my father and I right after we moved to Gulf Shores in January 1951. I had turned 2 the previous October.



This is me and my best friend David Duddy. Note that I’m still wearing my favorite cowboy outfit.



I didn’t realize that I got dressed up to play outside.



About 1:30 Jan and I headed up to the Escapees Park in Summerdale about 25 miles north. We were meeting our friends Lu and Larry Tillotson for linner (lupper?), but on the way we made a detour to the Camping World a few miles further up the road.

I wanted to get a new step cover to replace our old one. We got the first one 5 years ago and it’s finally worn out, so it’s about that time.

RV Step Mat

RV Step Mat

I like these because they’re made from heavy-duty Astro-Turf and do a good job of cleaning off your shoes, and last a long time (or at least 5 years).

Then it was on to the Escapees Park to meet up with Lu and Larry. When we got there, we also met Paul and Margery Zeller, who were parked right next door to Lu and Larry. We were all interested in Paul’s recent refrigerator upgrade where he replaced his RV unit with a residential one. This is what we will probably do if(when?) our Dometic finally dies. Paul and Margery are readers of our blog, and it’s always nice to them in person.

Then it was on to Big Daddy’s Grill, about 5 miles away. Big Daddy’s was highly recommended by Nick and Terry, and boy, were they right.Big Daddy's 1

We all had the Fried Shrimp Dinner, and Lu, Jan, and I started off with a bowl of gumbo. Because we got before 4pm we got the lunch prices. $9 for a Fried Shrimp Dinner, with hushpuppies, cole slaw, fries and onion rings. Really good, and even better for the price.

Susan, our waitress, was a hoot, and also the baker of the delicious pies they have for dessert.  But after the big meal, everyone was too full, so we all got pie to go, with Jan and I picking the Turtle Pumpkin Pie.

And along with the great food, we had these beautiful views of the Fish River. Lucky for us it was warm enough to eat outside on the deck.

Big Daddy's 2

Big Daddy's 3


And here’s Lu and Larry, our dinner companions for the evening. One of the great things about RV’ing is running into friends over and over as we travel around the country. We first met them in Cody, WY, and have kept in touch. No telling where we’ll meet up next time.

Lu And Larry


We saw this sign on the wall at Big Daddy’s. For some reason Jan thought it was a lot funnier than I did.

I Got A Dog


Thought for the Day:

Small men tend to respond angrily when asked uncomfortable questions.



5 Responses

  1. Don’t you wish you had those toys you were playing with. Nice antiques. Oops, but then so are we!

  2. Greg, that looks like a great place to grow up. All that sand and the ocean. Wish I could have done that instead of on a tobacco farm in rural Kentucky. Reading about all that good food you and Jan are chomping on keeps me in a constant state of hunger…(grin)…Jim Hamm

  3. Big Daddy’s is the first place I had sweet potato fries. I was nervous about ordering them so the server suggested I get half regular fries. I ate all the sweet potato ones and only a few regular. Not because they wren’t good too but because I got too full to finish. Good food, helpful servers, and lots of funny signs.

  4. Is that a 1951 Pontiac in your photo?

  5. 1951 would have been about right.

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