White’s By The Sea . . .

Jan and I have been really enjoying these days of just doing nothing. Reading, napping, watching TV, playing on the computer, pretty much nothing.

For lunch we had the last of our Lambert’s leftovers, and then it was back to doing nothing.

For dinner we met Jeannie and Eldy at Sea N Suds, one of only two restaurants here that is actually right on the beach (the other one is The Gulf, where we ate last night).


We started out with a dozen raw oysters, (Eldy got a dozen, too), then Jan had the Fish Sandwich made with fresh cod, along with the salad bar, and I had a bowl of gumbo (very good) and the Fried Shrimp Dinner. For their part, Jeannie and Eldy split the Seafood Platter along with the Gumbo.

Then we spent the next two hours just talking. Toward the end of our evening a couple at a nearby table came over and asked if we were RV’ers. When we said we were, they said they were too, and had a lot up at the Escapees Park in Summerdale.

As we sat and talked, we got to watch a lovely sunset over the beach. And from personal experience, the beaches at Gulf Shores are some of the most beautiful around.

Gulf Shores Sunset

But besides the good food and great views, this place has more personal meaning to me.

Where this condo and the Sea N Suds now stand was the location of my parent’s motel in the 1950’s.


Here’s an aerial shot taken about 1956. I remember seeing this photo, but hadn’t seen a copy for years. So I was very surprised to find a copy hanging on the wall  at the Sea N Suds when we were here in 2009. When I explained things to the manager, he let me take the photo back to the rig to scan it.


The “Tackle Shack” is now part of the Sea N Suds building. The pier, the longest on the Gulf Coast when it was built, was mostly wiped out during Hurricane Fredrick in 1979.

My parent’s motel was called ‘White’s by the Sea”, and here’s yours truly in front of the sign.


Tomorrow we’re going up to the Escapees Park in Summerdale to meet up with some friends, with a side detour by the Camping World.


Thought for the Day:

"I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody." – Bill Cosby



5 Responses

  1. Who knew something that cute could grow up to be… well, you?

    Actually, Miss Terry said she can a lot of Landon in that picture.

  2. Pretty cool to have roots in that locale. Very beautiful location. I could not tell if you were packing in that photo of you as a junior Texas Ranger.

  3. Nick,

    Yeah, he does have that devilish look in his eye.

  4. George,

    Yep. I always carried a pair of pearl-handled Mattel Fanner 50’s.

  5. So cool to visit an area where you have a history and to see and scan the picture. You had a commanding look as a junior ranger.

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