Didn’t make it to Gulf Shores today.

About a mile from our RV park our coach engine quit like it was out of diesel. But it wasn’t.

Got towed in to an RV dealer in Huntsville. Nothing found so far.

They’ll be back on it tomorrow.

More later.


10 Responses


  2. Sorry to hear this. I hope it is a quick fix and low cost.

  3. I hope it is a $5 part an that the tech figures it out in 15 minutes.

  4. Huntsville — good fix-it joint there. Hope it’s cheap! Good luck!

  5. Oh, man that sucks…. Hope its a relatively quick fix…..

  6. Oh no at least you are near family.

  7. So sorry. Hope it’s a quick and cheap fix. Bummer is right.

  8. Don’t you hate that when it happens. We have been towed twice, not a good day. Hope it is nothing bad.

  9. Where’s Nick and his excellent mechanic skills when you need him!!!!!!!!

  10. Hope you got towed to MADISON RV. They are very good people to work with. Good luck. Eddie

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