Sweet Home Alabama . . .

Today was going to be a long travel day for us, about 325 miles from Savannah, GA to Heflin, AL, so we got an early start, leaving Hardeeville RV Park about 9am. Actually we left at 10am EST, but normally when we’re crossing a time zone, I just start us out on the destination time.

We took US-17 across the river and then onto I-16 for the 160 mile run up to Macon. As we got out of Savannah, we started picking up a lot of wind, but in this case it was pretty much all headwind.

We didn’t have a lot of side to side movement, but the mileage really sucked. Never got much over 7.5 MPG.


Leaving Macon, we got on I-75 and headed north to Atlanta where we picked up I-20W, after taking the I-285 loop around the city. Then about 65 miles later we were back home in Alabama.

A little more ‘home’ for me than Jan. I was born here, and mostly grew up in the state. Jan and I were married here, and lived here for about 8 years in between stints with the DOD traveling around the country. Then in Dec 1978 we moved to Houston where I went to work for NASA.

That was pretty much it until we went full-time the beginning of 2008.

Since we planned on eating early Jan just fixed us some peanut butter crackers as a light lunch at one of our rest stops.

Getting into Heflin, AL, we decided to follow up on the Internet reviews for Marie’s BBQ there. And a plus was the fact that they had RV/Truck parking. We figured if we ate first before we got to the RV park, we wouldn’t have to unhook the toad when we got there.

Marie’s was really good, We both had sliced pork BBQ sandwiches. Jan had hers with fries and fried green tomatoes, and I had BBQ beans and cole slaw. All delicious.

After we finished eating we drove on down to the Cane 9 Creek RV Park, where we got parked and set up for the night. They’re a Passport American park, so it only cost us $15 for the night.

Tomorrow we’ll made a 200 mile run to Athens, AL where we’ll be for the next 4 nights.


Thought for the Day:

Today, if you invent a better mousetrap, the government comes along with a better mouse. – Ronald Reagan



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