Lady & Sons . . .

This morning got off to a unhappy start. About 10am we had to bid a sad adieu to Nick and Terry. They are heading down to St. Augustine on the first leg of their winter-over in Florida.

Nick and Terry Savannah Goodbye

It maybe March before we get back together next year. It’s going to be a long, boring winter.

A little before 11 I called Paula Deen’s restaurant “The Lady and Sons” to get a reservation for this afternoon. Jan wanted it to be our last meal here in Savannah. About 11 Jan fixed us a light lunch of cheese toast. We didn’t want to be too full for Paula Deen’s.

Nick called about 2:45 to let us know that they’d made it to St. Augustine without any problems except for a lot of wind along the way.

Finally about 3:15 we headed into Savannah for our 4pm reservation at Paula Deen’s. I figured we would need some extra time to find a parking place, and I was right.

But after two trips around the block, I actually found one right across the street from the restaurant.

Lady and Sons

As with our visit here in 2009, we had the buffet once again, with the same delicious results.

Fried Chicken, Basted Short Ribs, Beef Pot, and 10 different southern style veggies, all wonderfully delicious. I would swear they don’t have a can opener in that kitchen. The green beans, collard greens, corn, black-eyed peas, etc., all seemed to be fresh, not frozen or canned.

And then there was dessert.

After a great meal, we checked out the gift shop and I found the perfect shirt for Nick and I.

Paula Deen's Eating Shirt

Note that if you look carefully, you’ll see it comes ‘pre-stained’. Our kind of shirt.

Leaving Paula Deen’s we made a Wal-Mart stopover before heading home. As soon as we got back I went ahead and hooked up the toad to the rig and then put away some things to get ready to travel tomorrow.

We’ll have a 325 mile run to Heflin, AL tomorrow, before we end up in Athens, AL on Thursday, where we’ll stay for 3 or 4 days visiting relatives.


Thought for the Day:

"Humor is chaos remembered in tranquility." — James Thurber



13 Responses

  1. Safe travels.

  2. Yah, I been wearing one of those eatin shirts all my life…… All ya gotta do is look at me…..

  3. Cute shirts!!
    Goodbyes are hard…so great you have such wonderful friends to pal around with!! Plus some kin to visit!! Everyone should be so fortunate, huh?
    Happy travels…stay safe too!!

  4. Look on the bright side. Your readership will pick up because now you and Nick will have different adventures to report.

  5. Happy Halloween

  6. Thanks.

    We’ll miss you guys.

  7. Rod,

    I know what you mean. I thought Paula had been going through my closet.

  8. Thanks, Elizabeth.

    Travel safe.

  9. George,

    You mean everyone wasn’t reading my blog instead of Nick’s.

    I’m hurt.

  10. BOO!

  11. You mean Lady and Sons restaurant has finally got a phone in reservation system. last time we were there I had to go line up at 8am to get our name on a reservation list. Then go stand across the road before our reserved time until they called our name to come in. But it was worth it …the food was terrific. I am amazed Greg, that you were able to go to Walmart and then hook up yer toad…did u do all that lying down and rolling. Safe trip.

  12. The Lady & Sons is on our bucket list. I just loooove Pawla Dean 🙂 for a while anyway … and the food must be a real treat! Thanks for sharing … the pictures anyway.

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