Almost Done Here . . .

Today was declared an official Goof-Off Day, and so it was until Nick put me back to work on “Nick Stuff”. “Nick Stuff” are things that Nick figures he can talk me into doing for him because he can’t.

But I’ve begun to believe that it’s really a Tom Sawyer / fence kind of thing. I think that Nick’s probably an excellent mechanic, and a computer whiz. to boot. He just figures that why should he have to do anything if he can talk us into doing it for him.

I’m onto you now, Tom, er, Nick.

About 2:30pm we all headed back into Savannah for some errands, a little shopping, and dinner. So after a Post Office stop, we headed over to Oglethorpe Mall to the Barnes & Noble. All of us love wandering through bookstores, even if we don’t buy much.

Oglethorpe Mall is kind of ‘old home’ to us since we used to come here in 1970 when we lived in Beaufort, SC. It was brand-new then, and it still looks good.

Then, after B&N, Terry and Jan made a quick pilgrimage to Old Navy, we all headed across the parking to eat dinner at Golden Corral.

Finally on our way home we made a quick pass by some of many old homes before heading back to Hardeeville.

Tomorrow may or may not be Nick and Terry’s last day here, depending on the weather. If the winds aren’t too bad they’ll head down to St. Augustine, FL tomorrow, and then we’ll leave for north Alabama on Wednesday.

Otherwise, they’ll stay one more day and we’ll head out in opposite directions on Wednesday.

We’ll see.


Thought for the Day:

Between 1950 and 2009 the number of K-12 school students increased by almost 100%. At the same time the number of teachers increased by over 250%.

But school staff and administrators increased by over 700%.

Anyone else see the problem here?



2 Responses

  1. LATE Friday we arrived at our place of sojourn for the next 5-6 months. Fortunately we were on the southern edge of the storm so lots of rain and plenty of wind, but this old barn must be made very solid, so was not noticed from inside…even though we are VERY high in the air…a treehouse of sorts. We are grateful and sorry for those less fortunate. It is the type of thing that must make fulltime RVers ever so glad to be able to truck on down the road from such things!! Happy travels to you!!
    Elizabeth (no longer in NC, but now in VA)

  2. Hi Greg. I sure enjoy your and Nick’s blog. Thanks for writing them. Question: what ever happened to the tailpipe covers you couldn’t get off?….Jim

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