South of the Border . . .

Nick and Terry and Jan and I pulled out of our sites at Harbor View Outdoor World Resort about 9am, early than normal because we had a long day ahead, since it was about 340 miles to our RV park in Dillon, SC.

We pulled down to the office parking lot to hook up our toads and then hit the road. Our first goal was about 40 miles away at I-95 South.

We took I-95 down to just north of Richmond where we got the east I-295 loop around the city and then hooked back up with I-95 again. Then it was I-95 all the the way to Dillon. Despite rumors to the contrary, the road was in good shape, the traffic wasn’t too heavy, and there was no construction sites.

Sometimes you can’t ask for more.

We made a couple of quick stops, one at a closed weigh station and another at a rest area.

We pulled into the Bass Lake RV Park in Dillon about 3:30 and Nick and I went into the office to get checked in. Surprisingly we found a very nice British couple who owned the park.


In addition we found a very nice park, especially for only $16 per night with Passport America for 50 amp full hookups. Bass Lake is nicely laid out with a lot of trees, but still open enough for good satellite access. Well recommended.

About a 100 miles from the NC/SC border we started seeing signs for South of the Border.

South of the Border 6

South of the Border 2


And about 5 miles before we reached our park turnoff we came across Pedro.

South of the Border 4

At least he’s supposed to be ‘Pedro’. He looks more Chinese to  me.

South of the Border 7

The place seems to have a little of everything: a Ferris wheel and other carnival rides, a reptile zoo, a lot of shops, 2-18 hole miniature golf courses, a 200 foot high observation tower with a glass elevator to the top, and six restaurants.

South of the Border 1

And after we got set up at Bass Lake, we all headed back up the Interstate to have dinner at one of them – The Peddler Steak House.

The online reviews said that despite its location in a tourist attraction, this was a great place for “dead cow meat” (a direct quote). And according to Jan and Terry, a great place for salmon and mahi mahi too.

In fact, Nick said it was “the best steak he’d had in 20 years” (another direct quote).

And it wasn’t just the steaks, the salad bar and the dressings were exceptional too.

Be aware, the place is NOT cheap, but it sure is good.

Tomorrow we’ve got an easy 200 mile run further south down I-95 to Hardeeville, SC, just north of Savannah, GA, where we’ll spend a week or so.


Thought for the Day:

I am free of all prejudice. I hate everyone equally. – W. C. Fields



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