Last Day in Virginia . . .

Unlike yesterday it was bright and sunny when we got up this morning, so our day trip down south was still on.

But first there was time for Hazelnut Crème coffee and some of Miss Terry’s Pumpkin-Cinnamon bread.

What a way to start the day.

While I was outside getting things in the truck ready to go, I met Doug and Patti Doty who were parked across from us. Charlie Kitchens, down the row from us, told them Nick and I blogged and they wanted the URL’s to follow us. Nick also gave them a couple of copies of the Gypsy Journal RV Newspaper. They hope to be full-timing in a few years, so maybe we’ll meet up down the road someday.

Our first stop after we got underway was about 70 miles down the road at Chesapeake Bay Thousand Trails. Nick and Terry had stayed here before, and we all wanted to check it out.

Turns out it’s a really nice park with almost 500 sites,

Chesapeake Bay TT 1

riverfront access for some sites,

Chesapeake Bay TT 2

and a number of nice lakes.

Chesapeake Bay TT 3


And the lakes have a lot of turtles.

Chesapeake Bay TT 4

This is a park we all would like to come back to.

Next up on the menu was Gloucester Court House, which is actually a town. It gets kind of confusing because it’s all called just Gloucester. And to make things worse it’s in Gloucester County.

It’s a quaint little town with a lot of neat buildings and shops. and what seems to be an historical marker on every block. In fact, there seems to be marker on pretty much every corner in the whole state.

Further down the road we were in an area where Jan and I spent some time in 2009. First up was Yorktown, the location of the final major land battle of the Revolutionary War. In October 1781, General Washington and the Continental Army, along with French troops, defeated British General Cornwallis. With the surrender of over 7000 troops to Washington, Great Britain opened negotiations that dragged on for almost two more years before the war ended officially.

Next up was a real disappointment.

We checked out the Williamsburg Outdoor World Resort and found it a real mess. Narrow, rough, hilly access roads, and very unlevel sites. Not a place any of us would want to stay.

Four thumbs down.

Our next stop was the Dunkin’ Donuts in Williamsburg. Jan wanted some more of their Pumpkin Spice Coffee Beans and we also picked up some Pumpkin Munchkins and muffins for tomorrow.

Leaving there we drove though the nearby Anvil Campground where Jan and I stayed when we were here in 2009. Still looks pretty much the same, convenient location, but tight sites.

By this time, since we didn’t have lunch, everyone was getting hungry so it was time for an early dinner. So we decided to check out Ginny’s Place.

Ginny's Place

It was recommended by Rueben Bristow, who lives in the area, and visited us the other day here at the park. And it was really good. A really good buffet. And for only $6.99, since we got there before the dinner pricing started.

We finally got home about 6:30 after a long, fun day. And the last day here.

Tomorrow we’ll head out about 9am for Dillon, SC, a one night stopover on our way to Savannah, GA.


Thought for the Day:

Government is greedy. Taxpayers who want their own money are not greedy.



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  1. Wow. . .we stayed at the Williamsburg OW and loved it. . .no problems whatsoever. . .pull through site. . .hmmm. . .very strange. . .

    Chesapeake Bay does look great. . .and like you, when we went to Appomattox Court House, we discovered that was what they called their towns. . .very interesting.

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