The Post Office Does Something Right . . .

Wednesday afternoon I sent off our absentee ballot requests to the registrar in Madison, SD via a Flat Rate Priority Mail Envelope. And lo and behold, it was delivered this morning at 8am.

Maybe the Post Office should just ship everything Priority Mail. Two days from Virginia to South Dakota is pretty good.

We had planned to drive down to the Gloucester area and sightsee. But when we got up about 8am it was pouring down rain and had been for an hour or so. So after checking with Nick, and confirming the weather said it would rain all day, we went back to bed. We’ll try it again tomorrow

Only to wake about 10:30 and find it bright and sunny outside.


Oh, well. There’s still tomorrow.

For lunch, since we were out of leftovers, Jan fixed cheese toast, and then we finished it off with a slice of Miss Terry’s delicious Pumpkin-Cinnamon Bread.  Yumm!

A little later while Nick and I were outside talking, Charlie Kitchens walked over from a nearby site to say hello. His wife reads both our blogs and they actually stopped off here due to our blogging, although they thought we had already moved on.

About 3:30 I called the Bass Lake RV Park in Dillon, SC to check if they would have a couple of sites available for us on Sunday night. This will be our stopover point on our way down to Savannah.

It’s also only about 5 miles away from South of the Border, a famous tourist trap since 1949. Never let it be said that we would pass up a place like this. The name refers to the fact that the place is just south of the North Carolina / South Carolina border.

South of the Border does have an RV park, but it’s almost twice as much as the Passport American park right down the road.

We all headed out for dinner about 4:30. On our way over to Colonial Beach we checked out the local Moose Lodge to see if they had any RV parking available. There were two RV’s parked there but no hookups, so no such luck.

Our destination for dinner was the Dockside Restaurant, the same place we ate our first night here.

Dockside Restaurant

After checking the menu I ordered the Andouille Sausage appetizer with Creole Mustard. Very spicy and very good.

After that Jan and I split the Fried Seafood Platter because we wanted to have room for desert – the Pumpkin Cheesecake for Jan and the Whiskey Glazed Apple Cake for me.

And I’m glad we did. Both were really delicious, especially my Apple Cake. As much as Jan likes pumpkin anything, I think she was gazing wistfully at my Apple Cake.

Tomorrow we’re going to try our Gloucester trip again, so we’ll see how it goes. The weather is supposed to be better, but of course they were wrong this morning so who knows.


Thought for the Day:

Apparently, free speech is only allowed until someone else doesn’t like it.



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  1. Stayed in the motel in 1961. I was in the USAF and driving from ME to FL for tech school. Thought it was pretty cool but I was 19:) Drove past a couple of years ago and it had changed dramatically.


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