It’s not even Halloween yet . . .

much less Thanksgiving!

So how come I’m seeing Target Christmas ads?


I worked on a few things around the rig this morning, but mostly we just enjoyed our coffee and some of Miss Terry’s peanut butter cookies.

About 3pm Nick and I headed out to the Post Office in Colonial Beach to send some stuff out. Coming back we saw this place, Jim’s Antique Motors, which looked interesting with a lot of old cars, but wasn’t open. Turns out we need to call him to make an appointment

Hopefully we’ll be able to see it before we leave the area.

Getting back to the park, I stopped off at the office to pick up a package from Amazon that I ordered just yesterday, using the $3.99 next day delivery option that comes with having Amazon Prime. And I seem to have discovered a way to get FREE overnight shipping from Amazon.

Yesterday I ordered 3 items, 1 to be shipped overnight at the $3.99 rate, and then two more items in a separate order a few minutes later, shipped at the Free two day rate. And in this case, Amazon combined them all in one order and shipped all three items in one box overnight.

And this was the second time this happened.

About 4pm we all headed out to drive around the area some more, taking in the many unique waterfront homes along the way.

Then a little later we ended up at Fat Freda’s, a well-review little restaurant in Colonial Beach.

Fat Freda's

The food was good, good enough, that hopefully we’ll go back.

Coming home I stopped for gas at a 7-11 and ended up in a little excitement. Just as I was finishing up and waiting for my receipt, I heard liquid running on the other side of my pump, along with a female scream. Looking around to the other side I saw gasoline gushing out from the top of the gas pump. The hose had pulled out of the connector and we were all standing in a puddle of gas.

Unlike a lot of pumps, this one didn’t have an Emergency Shutoff on the pump island, so I yelled at the girl to get out of the gasoline and I ran into the store and told them to hit the switch.

Coming back out I found my truck sitting in a pool of gas, and not wanting to take a chance starting up while sitting there, Nick and I pushed it about 20 feet away before we headed out.

Before we went back to the park we decided to drive around for a while. Both George Washington’s and Robert E. Lee’s birthplaces are just a few miles from here, so we wanted to check out their locations before probably visiting them tomorrow.


Thought for the Day:

I can neither confirm or deny that; even if I could, I couldn’t – it’s classified.



8 Responses

  1. Greg,

    I was in a Menards store last week and they already had their Christmas stuff out on display. Kind of make me lose interest in the whole season.


  2. Wal Mart was putting out Christmas items during the last week of September. That is too early!

  3. Bah Humbug!

  4. Bah Humbug! times 2

  5. Target has had some Christmas stuff in the store for a while and when I went to Michael’s the other day they too had Christmas stuff out.

    Halloween lights on a Christmas tree might be interesting!!

  6. Dave wants to know if you washed the gasoline off your tires? Apparently it will eat them.

  7. My hubby says 20 ft was not far enough…it is the fumes that ignite. So glad you all are ok!! Scary!!

    Always enjoy your comments, along with Nick’s on the places you guys go to eat. This one sounded like one of our favorites here in our area!! I love little hole-in-the-wall places!!

  8. Elizabeth,

    20 feet was far enough because of the fact that the wind was blowing the fumes away from us.

    Yeah, we do find some great places to eat, and a few dogs every now and then.

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