Chinese and Carryout . . .

After our fairly long travel day yesterday, everybody decided today would be an official goof-off day, so not much happened.

After we got back from supper last night I spent a couple of hours making up a new longer cable to connect up our Winegard Carryout Satellite Antenna.

Winegard Carryout

Normally I use at 15 foot cable because it’s easier to handle, and before now I didn’t need anything longer.

But where we’re parked here in the Harbor View Outdoor World resort, the only sight line I have through the trees is located about 30 feet away so I had to make up a longer cable. This one is 75 feet long, which is how much cable I had left on the spool, but I’ll only use it when I have to.

During the afternoon I spent some time over at Nick and Terry’s updating the firmware on his Cradlepoint router trying to increase his Internet speed. And at first it seems to have improved things, but it’s still kind of iffy.

We headed out for dinner about 4pm, a little early because we wanted to drive around the area a little more before we ate. Everyone was “jones’n” for Chinese so we headed over to Hunan Chinese Restaurant in Colonial Beach. The online reviews were good and so was the meal. Jan and I tend to rate Chinese restaurants by their Hot & Sour Soup, and Hunan’s was really good. Not as good as King Food in Webster, TX, but pretty good.

Not allowing Nick to take any more GPS ‘shortcuts’ like last night, we got home safely just about dark and were in for the night.

Later, about 10pm, Nick showed up at our door bearing gifts, in this case, a plate of Miss Terry’s world-famous, still-warm peanut butter cookies.

Jan was asleep when Nick came by so I was tempted to keep them all for myself, but figured Nick would spill the beans tomorrow. So Jan will be able to sample them with our coffee tomorrow morning.

But I did sample one, and it was delicious!


Thought for the Day:

Don’t gamble; take all your savings and buy some good stock and hold it till it goes up, then sell it. If it don’t go up, don’t buy it. — Will Rogers



4 Responses

  1. Where did you find the connector that locks on the satellite antenna? Or did you create a long power cord that your 15 foot cord plugs into ?

    You just inspired me to run a piece of coax from my wet bay (where the coax connections ) to the power bay (where the DC power socket is) so that I can connect up more easily. I have lots of coax, but I think I’ll make another power cable “extension” as luck has it that the opening in the trees is always 1 foot further than the length of the cable.

  2. Glad you posted about your Winegard Carryout Satellite Antenna. I’m considering buying one when Camping World puts them on sale again. I have back/hip problems and trying to get locked in with the old receiver dish is killing my back…I need something very easy to use.

    Thanks, Greg.

  3. Breck,

    The 12 volt power cable that came with the Carryout is 50 feet long so it wasn’t the problem. And I have a 25 foot cigarette lighter extension cord if I need it.

    It was the RF cable that I needed longer.

    The spool of cable I had is Dual RG-6 Quad Shielded which requires special connectors.

    And that’s really what took me so long to make up the cable.

    It took me a while to track down the baggie with the connectors. LOL.


  4. @Cat Lady – our Carryout works well. One possible suggestion to help is is a method to “shoot through the trees” for a clear line of sight. My “campsite neighbor” had an Align A Site device – a little over $100. I took 2 pieces of PVC pipe, a toggle bolt, a protractor, and a hole drilled through a piece of 2×4 to make my “own” for less than $20. I level my Carryout base, put the 2×4 on it, insert the vertical pipe, set the angle on the slanted pipe, rotate it using a compass for bearings, and then look through the pipe. VERY low tech but it get you close, and you can move slightly in all directions if you don’t quite have it right. Winegard just announced a new one called the Anser which is semi-automatic. Definitely cheaper and might have better signal as the reflector dish is bigger. And remember that you can only get HD on DISH, not DIrect, with the carryout products.

    @Greg – thanks for the explanation – had not heard of quad shielded cable before. No noise on your lines !! 🙂

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