I’m So Proud . . .

Our granddaughter Piper sent this photo over this evening. And that’s a .357 Magnum she’s shooting.

Piper's First Gun

Also shot a .38 and a .45.

Of course it runs in the family. Here’s Jan with her Tommy gun in Las Vegas in 2010.

Jan And Her Thompson 2

We are definitely going shooting when we get back to Houston.

Nick said “A beautiful girl with a handgun. Be still my heart”.

This morning was off to a great start with some of Miss Terry’s delicious cinnamon rolls, even though outside it was dreary and overcast. But hopefully the rain would hold off since we’d scheduled some sightseeing over in the Lancaster area.

We all headed about 11 with our first stop for some banking in Lancaster, and then it was on to Bird-In-Hand. Our first stop was at the J & R Country Market where we came home with a new family member, at least a new member of our moose family.

New Moose in Car

We hope he’ll feel right at home with all his new friends.

Terry and Jan also checked the loom and quilt store next door before we headed further into town and ended up at the The Old Village Store.

Old Village Hardware Store 1


Partly an old time hardware store, a quilt store, and a produce market. A neat place to wander around in.

Old Village Hardware Store 2

Old Village Hardware Store 3

Old Village Hardware Store 4

After Jan and I grabbed a snack next door, we caught up with Nick and Terry at the Bird-In-Hand Farmers Market across the street.

Bird In Hand Farmers Market

Housing about 30 separate vendors, selling everything from smoked meats and cheeses, to quilts and handmade baskets, to homemade fudge and caramel corn, many of the stands were Amish owned and operated. Jan and I bought some pumpkin spiced coffee beans from one such couple.

Leaving the market, we drove out into the country through Intercourse, heading for Blue Ball (no comment), and passing quite a few Amish buggies.

Bird-In-Hand Amish 1


One of the signs of an Amish household is a full clothesline.

Bird-In-Hand Amish 2


We also came across an apple orchard consisting of these dwarf trees.

Amish Apples 1

At least the apples are full-sized. I guess their small size makes for easier picking.

Amish Apples 2


A little later we ended up in East Earl at the Shady Maple Smorgasbord.

Shady Maple

Nick and Terry had been here several times before, but this was our first time. And it was very good. According to their website they have over 200 feet of buffet tables and I believe it.

Shady Maple 2

Tonight was prime rib night, one of my favorites. And every thing else was good too.

So after stuffing ourselves, we waddled out to the car and headed home, but with a stop-over at the Lowe’s in Palmyra so Nick could pick up some boards to help get them level after all the rain we’ve been having.

Tomorrow will probably be another stay-at-home day.



Thought for the Day:

Recently, when a celebrity was asked how he got caught up in a prostitution scandal when he had women chasing him, he said

"You aren’t paying for the sex. You’re paying for them to leave."



2 Responses

  1. What fun you are having!! Quilt shops!! Well, I am sure you are not having that much fun there…but your wife must be!! I am so looking forward to more time in such places myself once we get our stuff in storage and off to our next 5 months or so!! I think the RV part will be put off awhile…but keeping track of you and Nick and others so when that part comes we will be able to find all these fun and great places you are finding!! Just yesterday found our next stop…the most gorgeous apt I ever saw on 280 acres in the woods (Virginia) on the top floor of a barn!! (Worst part will be the long flight of stairs…just have to be slow and careful!) We are looking forward to it!!

  2. It wouldn’t let me comment on line . Wierd, said not found or something. Anyway, I LOVE the moose, pumpkins and apples! We leave on vaca in the morning. I just started washing, haven’t thought about packing yet and no, I still don’t have my stuff to my webmaster. I will try for the week of the 15th when we return. We are both beat… Hugs, C&C

    Chris and Charles Yust C&C Marketing and Insurance GMAC Insurance Good Sam Extended Service Plan (936) 425-5041 Fax (866) 282-5420 e-mail:  cryust@yahoo.com  


    >________________________________ > From: Our RV Adventures >To: cryust@yahoo.com >Sent: Thursday, October 4, 2012 1:07 AM >Subject: [New post] I’m So Proud . . . > > WordPress.com >ourrvadventures posted: “Our granddaughter Piper sent this photo over this evening. And that’s a .357 Magnum she’s shooting. Also shot a .38 and a .45. Of course it runs in the family. Here’s Jan with her Tommy gun in Las Vegas in 2010. We are definitely going shoot” >

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