Rain and Pie . . .

Apparently we’re not fulltime RV’ers, we’re "vehicularly-housed individuals." Check out this article about RV’ers living on the streets of San Francisco.

It started raining early this morning and continued pretty much all day. One good thing is that I think I’ve figured out where my leak around the slide is coming from. I leveled a little differently this time and my slide ended up on the high side causing the rain to flow in around the seals. So I re-leveled and it appears to have taken care of the problem.

I hope.

About noon I went down to the ranger station to pick up a Priority Mail package that had come in for me. It had come in yesterday, but when I tried to pick it up then, the ranger office was closed.

It turned out to be from Daryl Lawrence of Lawrence RV Accessories providing his usual great support. I had emailed him on Friday to tell him I needed a new 12v charger for my TireTraker Tire Pressure Monitoring System. The old one had started blowing the fuse on any 12v socket it was plugged into, so I needed another one. And Daryl really came through.

Besides the TireTraker TPMS, Daryl also sells the Progressive EMS (Electrical Management System) which is a must-have for every RV’er. My Progressive has saved my rear-end several times, once as recently as last week when we got to this park and found a defective circuit breaker in our pedestal.

If you don’t have one, get one.

After a lunch of cheese toast, we topped it off with a slice of the delicious pumpkin pie we brought home from Funck’s Family Restaurant last night. Then it was back to cleaning and sorting through stuff, and bagging it up to throw out.

Nick called about 2:30 to say he was feeling a little under the weather and that we were on our own for dinner. So about 5 we headed out to Hershey’s East End Restaurant. The online reviews were really good, and so was the restaurant. Nice décor, and really great food.

Hersheys East End Restaurant

Jan had Fettuccini Alfredo with Shrimp and I had the Spaghetti and Meatballs, both very good, and the servings were big enough to have great leftovers to take home.

When we got home Nick came over to say he was feeling a little better, and would probably feel like sightseeing tomorrow.

Sounds great!


Thought for the Day:

Sometimes I think the purpose of my life is just to serve as a bad example for others.



5 Responses

  1. Our EMS sure saved our butts when we were gate guarding and the large supplied generator threw a belt and we got a large surge. The EMS “caught” it and saved us from a lot of repairs.

  2. Sure wish they’d told us which streets in San Francisco we can’t park on overnight. How are those of us just passing through supposed to know?

  3. Our Progressive EMS has saved us three times during the past 8 months. I just hope that the RV that was using that power outlet before us did not have any damage. I don’t know why an EMS system is not included in any new RV.

  4. Yes, ours also saved us on a gate when one leg of our generator dropped down to 75 volts.

  5. Linda,

    Maybe you’ll just have to take one for the team so the rest of us will know for sure.


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