Circuit Breakers and Fuddrucker’s . . .

This morning started off earlier than I really wanted, but once I was up, I was up. So after coffee I pretty much just sat back and enjoyed the morning. Officially I was waiting for the park repair guy to show up to take a look at my electrical problem. Of course they said he’d be here the first thing this morning. But since by now it’s after 11 and he’s still not here, so that’s not working out too well so far.

But he did finally show up about 12:30pm, and for once, I got a guy who knew what he was doing. But I did have to prove to him that I really had a problem after he didn’t see anything wrong on his meter. But once I showed him what would happen when I plug in my coach, he was convinced. And as I had figured the problem turned out to be in the circuit breaker itself.

And even better, while he went off to find a new one, Terry Russell invited Jan and I over to have a bowl of her world-famous Apple Crisp, hot out of the oven.

A little later the repair guy showed back up with a new breaker, and after installing it, I plugged my coach back into it and everything was now working perfectly. Glad that’s fixed.

A little after 2, Terry, Jan and I headed to get our Sam’s Club/Wal-Mart shopping fix. Nick stayed home to work on the next issue of the Gypsy Journal so it was just us three.

And we were all pretty much shopped out by the time we got home a little before 6. But being shopped out doesn’t mean we weren’t hungry, so after we got things put away we all headed out to have dinner at a Fuddrucker’s we’d seen on our way into town yesterday.


Thought for the Day:

“Occasionally wrong, but never in doubt.”



3 Responses

  1. Often in cases like these the “electrician” says the EMS is faulty. Had that experience one time.

  2. Glad you now have working electric…and what fun, fun, fun you all seem to have…happy for you all!!

  3. George,

    That’s why I was plugged into the pedestal next door when he came over.

    It was working fine on the one next door.

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