Pennsylvania 6-5000 . . . well, 1-7003 actually.

After a pretty quiet night at the Cabela’s in Triadelphia, WV, we headed out a little before 9, but only across the parking lot to a nearby McDonald’s for breakfast.

Jan was happy to see that they now have “Pumpkin Pie” pies, and they’re really good.

Getting on the road for real, we traveled about 60 miles before getting on the Pennsylvania Turnpike for the next 175 miles. Nick had said the last time he and Terry were through here the road was pretty bad. But we were pleasantly surprised to find it in excellent shape, making for a nice smooth trip.

We got off the tollroad just south of Harrisburg for the last 20 miles to the park. Our toll for the trip was $45.25, not too bad since the road was so good. I really hate it when the tollroads are in worse shape than the free ones.

We got into the Thousand Trails about 3pm and unhitched our toads at the Family Center. Then it was into Nick’s Explorer to drive around looking for a good spot, or spots, I should say.

We ended up finding a couple of sites across from each other in the 30 amp B section and got parked and set up.

Things were going fine on my end when about 15 minutes after I hooked up to shore power, I had no power in the coach. I know I had it when I first hooked it up because I checked, but not now.

What ever was wrong with my pedestal, my Progressive EMS just didn’t like it. In fact now it would not only not let power into our coach, but it would shut itself off.

I was pretty sure it was the pedestal, but couldn’t be sure until I checked it out further. But it was getting to be time for supper so off we went. I told the ranger on the way out that I had trouble with my electric and he said they’d sent someone over tomorrow.

We had a great meal at A & M Pizza in Hershey, really, really good. Nick and Terry had eaten here before, and now we really like it too.

Getting back to the rig I wanted to do one final test to see if I could isolate the problem, and also get us power for the night. So I dug out my heavy duty 20 amp extension cord and my 20amp to 30amp adapters, and hooked up to the pedestal on the empty site next door.

And everything worked fine. So now we have power for the night, and I know the pedestal is the problem. A couple of hours later I checked the 20 amp cord and found it not even warm, so I know I’m not overloading it, even though I actually hooked up to a 30 amp outlet, My EMS shows we’re only pulling about 19 amps anyway.

Looks like we might be in for some rain tonight and tomorrow, so it might be just a goof-off day.

And I’m really good at that.


Thought for the Day:

Anyone who thinks wisdom comes with age is either too young or too stupid to know the difference.



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