Wheeling into Wheeling . . .

After a great two weeks at the Thousand Trails park in Batesville, IN, it was time to move on. In case, on to Hersey, PA and the Thousand Trails park there.

So after Nick and I both topped off our diesel tanks, we all headed out for Wheeling, WV about 270 miles.

We’re going to spend the night at the Cabella’s in Triadelphia, WV, just east of Wheeling. Then tomorrow we’ll have a 250 mile journey on to Hersey.

After a smooth trip, marred only by a 30 minute delay going through some construction coming out of Wheeling, and only about 10 miles from Cabella’s

We finally got parked at Cabella’s with some confusion. The sign on the light pole said ‘RV/Truck Parking”. Then the sign underneath said “No Overnight Parking.

So Nick and I headed into the store to check it out. And were told it was OK to park overnight and didn’t know anything about the signs.

A while later, we decided to have dinner at the Quaker Steak and Lube on the side of the parking lot.

Then it was back to the rig for the evening to watch the new Fall shows.

Cabell's Parking Lot

Tomorrow, on to Hersey.


Thought for the Day:

In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is stoned to death. – Joan D. Vinge


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  2. In that picture it looks like Nick &Terry’s rig has a HUGE antenna up!

  3. Sorry, but I’m from Hershey and that is the correct spelling of our town.

  4. Hi Greg. I noticed that your sat dish was out in the photo of the Cabelas lot, yet yer slides were not. Did you guys leave your slides in all night?
    We have stayed in the Cabelas in Hamburg PA. When I asked at the service counter if we could stay the said sure put your slides out and enjoy yourself. So we did. Damn the Walmart protocol. We also spent about $400 there and didn’t feel guilty at all.
    BTW This one is the largest Cabelas store and is worth a trip to see the displays inside.

  5. It does kind of look that way, doesn’t it.

  6. Sorry about that.

    And what’s funny is that my spellcheck is just fine with Hersey.

  7. We only have one slide but it’s on the drivers side so you can’t see it. It was out, though.

    I just set the sat dish out for the new fall shows and then brought it in for the night.

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