Nice Slow Day . . .

Today got off to a slow start. I woke up early with a headache, took some aspirin, and then went back to bed. So when I finally got up it was almost 11. Almost half the day gone before I even got started.


About 1pm I called Spartan Chassis about my tail pipe and fuel tank problems.

To catch up, the end of my chrome tail pipe extension had rusted out so I ordered a new one from Spartan a couple of months ago. But when I tried to replace the old one I couldn’t get it loose. The extension was inserted into the pipe coming out of the muffler and then a 4-inch clamp encircled it.

Well, for the last several days I’ve tried everything to get the old pipe out of the muffler pipe with no luck. I’ve tried penetrating oil, brute force with a rubber mallet and a length of galvanized pipe, and heating the outside of the pipe with a propane torch. Nothing worked.

I had assumed that this extension was the original one, but after talking to Spartan I don’t think so. According to Spartan the extension should not be inserted into the muffler, but merely butted up against the muffler pipe and then the clamp holds everything together.

So now I’m planning to just cut off the old extension flush with the muffler pipe and then clamping the new one on like it’s supposed to be. But it will probably have to wait till after we move this coming Monday.

My other question was about my partially collapsed diesel fuel tank, caused by a clogged fuel tank vent hose. He thought my idea about putting 5 to 10 PSI of air pressure had a good chance of working. Again I’ll wait till we’re at our next park.

About 5pm we all headed over to Batesville to get our Mexican Food Fix at Acapulco Mexican Restaurant. It had been recommended by a waitress at Skyline Chili, and boy was she right.

It was really good, and really popular, too. Within 15 minutes after we got there the place started filling up. Hopefully this will hold us for a while, since good Mexican can be hard to find up North.

Later, after we got home, Landon’s Aunt Sherry posted this photo of Master Landon at dinner tonight. Looks like he’s having Mexican too.

Landon Eating


On another note, I found this photo on Facebook and really got a kick out it.

Scares The Hell Out of Me


Tomorrow we’re got to make the 85 mile trip to Dayton to visit the The National Museum of the United States Air Force at Wright-Patterson AFB, and the Wright Brother’s Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park.


Thought for the Day:

You may have to fight a battle more than once in order to win it." – Margaret Thatcher



2 Responses

  1. Greg having been raised to work on my own vehicles since the age of six I can tell you the Exhaust tip does not butt to the muffler. Nor des it go inside. The tip or any pipe for that matter will always slip over the previous pipe to keep the flow of the exhaust safely contained past the joint..

    Example your truck starts at the manifold then to the Catylic Converter with special flanges. from there the extension pipe goes into the front of the muffler. the rear of the muffler into the exhaust pipe. Some trucks have resonators and the same applies.

    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

  2. Rick,

    That’s what I thought too. And apparently so did the person that replaced it originally.

    But the Spartan guy went off and double-checked after I questioned him about it.

    He said that’s why the clamp is so wide. And he said that the reason for doing that way is just because of my problem.

    After several years they are almost impossible to get off.

    I just realized after re-reading your post that you are referencing my truck. This is for the coach with a Spartan chassis.

    The exhaust tip is 4 inches in diameter, and based on my micrometer, both pipes are exactly the same size.

    Based on the length sticking out it looks like the previous owner jammed the exhaust tip in about 4-5 inches inside the muffler exhaust pipe.

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