Loose Meat and A Ceramic Moose–part deux . . .

Before we left Greenville, we wanted to check out Maid-Rite. Maid-Rite is the home of the ‘Loose Meat’ sandwich, and has been since 1926.

A ‘Loose Meat’ sandwich is kind of like a sloppy joe without ‘sloppy’ sauce part. If you remember the old Roseanne TV show, she and Sheldon’s mother opened a Loose Meat Sandwich Shop.

Maid Rite1


One of the novelties of this place is the Gum Wall. People have been sticking their gum on the side of the building for decades. In some cases there are 4 generations of a family’s gum on this wall.

Maid Rite2

Maid Rite3


Leaving Greenville and heading south back to the park. On the way we decided to have dinner at the Sherman House Restaurant & Inn in Batesville, and are we glad we did.

Although they have a standard menu with steaks, seafood, and sandwiches, they also have a selection of German cuisine. And Jan and I finally got our sweet & sour red cabbage.

I had the German Fare, a sampler with Weiner Schnitzel, Sauerbraten, and Wurst & Kraut, along with Potato Patties, and of course, the sweet & sour red cabbage.

Sherman House 1


Jan had the Jager Schnitzel with mashed potatoes, and the cabbage.

Sherman House 2


Terry had the Sauerbraten, and Nick, of course, had his usual meat & potatoes, in this case, Fried Chicken and French Fries.

And after a fantastic meal, we were so stuffed we could hardly walk to the truck. Hopefully we’ll be able to go back before we leave here.

That wraps up yesterday. On to today.


Today was pretty much a stay-at-home day. In the morning Nick and I spent some time tracking down a high power relay for his coach. It took a while because of some confusion about the part numbers but we finally tracked it down. Nick decided to wait and order it at our next stop.

A little later Nick and I drove over to the Home Depot in Harrison. I wanted to get a propane torch to try and get my old chrome tailpipe unstuck so I can install the new one.

Later, after Nick and Terry ran some errands, we met them over in Harrison at the Goldstar Chili. Jan and I ate at Skyline Chili the other day so tonight we wanted to check out the competition.

As it turns out, Jan liked Goldstar better, and I liked Skyline better. It was Terry’s first time to try Cincinnati chili and she liked it a lot. Nick of course, had his meat and potatoes, a sliced beef sub and fries.

Coming home in two vehicles, Jan and I stopped for gas while Nick and Terry preceded us home. Then just as we were getting back on the Interstate, Nick called to say there was a bad traffic accident up ahead and we should get off the Interstate if we could. And lucky for us, we could, and did, and got home even before Nick and Terry. Thanks, Nick.

As it stands now, we’re going to spend some time in Cincinnati tomorrow.


Thought for the Day:

Karma’s a Bitch, especially if you’re a Bitch



4 Responses

  1. I told Nick too but If you make it in to Cincy and your crew likes Gold Star & Skyline there is one more place you ought to try. Camp Washington Chili is just off I-75 exit 3 the Hopple St. Exit. Oh do good! I am a fat boy and I know my food. Of course you may be sick of cheese coneys by now.


  2. Davy,

    Thanks for the info. We’ll try to check it out.

  3. Made Rite is easy to copy, if you have about 2 Lbs of cooked meat and a can of chicken broth… Also a bottle of dried onion pieces… Cook the meat and add chicken stock and a lot of onion dices… Simmer until the water is gone out of the chicken stock and the onion is reconstituted…. We do this all the time at home or in the RV….

  4. Rod,

    Thanks for the info. We may give it a try.

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