Never Forget . . .

Never Forget


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  1. Hi Greg. I just sent the following to Nick. I would have included you but didn’t have your email address. And no, I won’t forget this day….Jim

    Hi Nick…While you and Greg are this close to Columbus, IN, you might consider a day trip there. We lived in Columbus for many years before moving to Arizona. First, stop at the Chamber of Commerce and pick up a brochure for the architectural tour. Lots of neat buildings in the area. Lady Bird Johnson called Columbus the “Athens of the prairie”. For lunch, I suggest a pork tenderloin sandwich at the Columbus Bar. Awesome. Then for desert, stop in Zarahakos — a small deli with a Calliope that plays music. You can also have lunch here. A unique place. Take a look inside even if you don’t get any food. Both are right downtown.

    Then, take a pleasant drive about 10 miles west to Grandview Lake, and drive around the lake. In my younger days I used to jog around this lake. A beautiful setting, and that’s where we lived. I think you’ll enjoy your visit to Columbus, IN

    Jim Hamm Prescott, AZ

  2. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!


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