On to Indiana . . .

Our last morning in Celina started out with breakfast at The Fountain, our favorite local breakfast place. Nick and Terry, Stu and Donna McNicol, and Jan and I spent the morning talking, joking, and laughing one last time. In fact we were having so much fun that time sort of slipped away from us.

Along with Nick and Terry, we had planned to leave Celina between 10 and 11am. However, at 11am, we were all still sitting in The Fountain. But after wrapping things up, we finally got on the road a little before 1pm, heading down US 27 to the Indian Lakes Thousand Trails Preserve at Batesville, IN about 120 miles away.

We pulled into the park a little before 4pm, found sites in the full hookup area, and got parked and set up.

We stayed here in late October, early November last year and were impressed how beautiful the area was.

Indian Lakes 2

Indian Lakes 4


About 5:30 we all headed over to Greensburg for dinner. and after asking some locals, ended up at Storie’s Restaurant, which as per the recommendation, was really good.

One neat thing about Storie’s is that it is right across the street from the famous Tower Tree. As seen in these Internet pics, yes, there really is a tree growing out of the courthouse tower, and it’s been there since 1870.

Greensburg Tower Tree 1


The tree, recently confirmed as a Mulberry tree, is regularly trimmed to keep it from causing too much damage to the building.

Greensburg Tower Tree 3

Getting back to our rigs just about dark, we all decided to sleep in and just take it easy tomorrow.


Thought for the Day:

Brass bands are all very well in their place – outdoors and several miles away. — Sir Thomas Beecham



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