Wrapping It Up!

This morning marked the closeout of the last Gypsy Journal Rally with a final get-together for coffee, doughnuts, and goodbyes.

By this afternoon most of the rally attendees will be gone, although some are carefully watching the weather before deciding whether or not to travel. The forecast was for heavy thunderstorms this afternoon and they wanted to avoid them if possible.

Yesterday morning Jan and I gave our last seminar, this one on Gate Guarding, and it proved to be very popular. We had 60 people attend, and a lot of questions, which is always a good sign.

Then last night we had our final door prize giveaway, ending with the grand prize drawing for a Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayak. Dave and Thelma Middleton walked away with the prize, and seemed very excited about their win.


Rally Boat Giveaway

Then, after closing out the rally this morning, Jan and I came back to the rig for a while, before heading out to visit some friend’s rigs, checking out new ones and getting some remodeling ideas for our own coach.

A little before 4pm we all headed out to CJ’s HighMark, one of our favorite local restaurants. And by all, I mean 24 of us.

We had gathered together one final time to mark the end of the Gypsy Journal Rallies. Even on this semi-sad occasion, we still had a great time and a lot of laughs. Hopefully we’ll be able to see these great friends as we travel around the country. They all will be missed.

Rally Get Together

Getting back to the fairgrounds, a number of us sat outside for one final gathering before wrapping it up as the thunder and lightning rolled in.

A great time and the Gypsy Journal Rallies will be sorely missed, but it’s about time for Nick and Terry to take it easy. They certainly deserve it.


Thought for the Day:

"We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid." – Benjamin Franklin



4 Responses

  1. I’d say maybe you and Jan finally get to take it easy too.

  2. Would have loved to been in attendance , especially for the seminar on Gate Guarding. Joe and I hope to be GGs by Oct. That is the plan for sure. Time will tell, won’t it?

  3. Sounds like you were a very busy and popular guy at this last rally. . .when will you guys be heading back to Dickinson?

    I know you can only do without those Landon & Piper hugs for so long. . .


  4. Janice,

    Sorry to be so long in getting back to you.

    We plan on getting back to Dickinson the Sunday before Thanksgiving, pretty much the same date every year.

    And yes, we’re really looking forward to seeing Landon again

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