Celina Rally 3

As usual this morning started out with doughnuts and coffee at the Vendor Bldg, before Jan attended Ron and Brenda Spiedel’s seminar on “Green Cleaning Your RV”, and I headed back to the rig to finish up preparing my 10:30 seminar on “10+ Things Every RV’er Needs”.

The seminar went pretty well and we had about 50 people attending. Had a lot of questions and comments which is always good.

At 11:30 Jan and I met Milliard and Nancy Pierce at La Caretta for lunch. We first met them here at Celina last year and found out that they had been gate guarding. So at lunch today, we had a great time trading stories and gossiping about people in the gate guarding world we both knew. In fact we spent over two hours at lunch just talking.

At 4 I headed over to Nick Russell’s class on Guns & RV’s, while Jan checked out Ron and Brenda Spiedel’s seminar on increasing storage in your RV.

Nick’s seminar on guns and RVs proved to be very popular and well attended.

Nicks Gun Seminar 1

Nicks Gun Seminar 2

Being an ex-law enforcement officer and former firearms instructor in the Army at West Point, he had a lot of great stories about the dos and don’ts of firearms and firearm safety. All in all, a very good class.

Even if he did call Jan’s Ruger .380 LCP ‘marginal’ in stopping power. Of course that’s why she packs Cor-Bon’s in it.

At 6pm we all got back to together the Rally Pizza Party. Terry had everything so well-organized that she and her crew shown below served about 200 people piping hot Domino’s pizza in just 7 minutes.

Great job by everyone.

2010 Celina Pizza Party

Then at 7pm Nick kicked off the Fifth Annual (and last) Buckeye Beauty Contest.

2012 Buckeye Beauties

If this is not a bevy of buxom bodacious beauties, I don’t what is.

Nick looks entirely too happy here.


Thought for the Day:

"The purpose of your life may be to serve as a warning to others".



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