Celina Rally 1 . . .

Jan and I started out the day by having breakfast again at The Fountain, our favorite local breakfast place. Good food and nice people.

Getting back to the rally, I dropped Jan off to work the registration table while I hit the road to Lima, OH. I wanted to pick up a new laptop at the local Sam’s Club while Miss Terry needed some new ink cartridges for her Canon printer

After getting the laptop, I checked the nearby Wal-Mart for the Canon cartridges with no luck, so it was off across town to the Office Depot where I found what I was looking for and then heading home.

On the way I stopped at an nice little RV park along the way to drop off some copies of the Gypsy Journal at the office.

Lima RV Park

Then it was back to the rally for the afternoon.

Getting back to the rig, Brandi had sent this pic of Landon kicking back and watching Cailou (his favorite show) on TV.

Landon eating apples and watching Cailou


The rally officially kicked off at 4pm with the Welcome and the Vendor Introductions. And as usual Nick had everyone laughing in the first 5 minutes.

A little later Nick and Terry, and Jan and I, headed over to Bob Evans for a quick supper before being back by 7 for the first round of door prizes.

Celina Rally 1

Celina Rally 2

We had a nice crowd and everyone had a good time as the prizes were given out. Jan and I won a DQ Blizzard and a free specialty coffee.

Tomorrow kicks off the first day of seminars. I’m giving one at 10:30 on Computer Q & A, and then later I’ll try to catch a couple of others I’m interested in.


Thought for the Day:

"Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons." – Woody Allen



4 Responses

  1. Which laptop did you buy?

  2. I have a computer Q&A item but not at the Rally, this year.

    I’m a full time employee for a company that hosts/maintains a very popular government web presence. It’s of the UP most importance for me to be “connected” in an un-wired way.

    On the road, and for travel from one location to another – I have a hotspot on my iphone thru Verizon. If that does not work well for any reason I can simply take a few days off while we drive/move.

    We’ll work at places with wifi available – I would not mind going into “town” either for the workday. Might be able to find a location even a library to hook in and work.

    I’ve been following your blog specifically so I could see how well you did (connection/service) “in the boonies” gate guarding. It seemed to be pretty good overall. I’m really encouraged, now I need to know how you did it. What equipment was required? I did see a mention in the blog but wondered if you prepared something for the session. I’d be happy to pay if need be, we’re also more than happy to purchase anything I might need to make this happen.

    I will wait no more; saving our down payment, selling a couple things to do that. We’ve even seen the “perfect” vehicle for us. The time to move on a dream is now!!!! THANKS in advance!

  3. Sorry to be so long in getting back to you.

    I bought the $399 Asus X53E that Sam’s Club sells. It’s the same one that Nick bought a couple of weeks ago.

    It uses an Intel i3 processor and I added another 4GB of ram to go with the 4 that was already in it.

    For $400 it’s a very nice machine.


  4. Debbie,

    Sorry to be so long in getting back to you.

    The cell phone amplifier I used was the Wilson Electronics DB Pro 65 dB from Amazon for about $370.

    It did a really good job for us, pulling in towers from 20 miles away.

    Hopefully this helps.


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