A Nice Dreary Day . . .

Jan and I started out this nice dreary morning by having breakfast in downtown Celina at The Fountain, a really good small town dinner, right on the square. And there were several other groups of rally vendors and attendees were already there when we arrived. And The Fountain is always good about support the rally by donating gift certificates.

After we finished our meal, Jan and I walked across the street to the courthouse square to take in the small Farmer’s Market that was set up there. Jan found some Halloween jewelry that she just had to have. She has jewelry for just about every holiday.

After we left the Market, we drove over to a small house next door to the City Library. Here they sell used books left over from the library or donated for sale. In fact Jan found two J. A. Jance books she had been looking for, and only paid 25 cents each. Nice!

Getting back to the rig I decided to get in a nap in preparation for the upcoming rally. Gotta get my rest in while I can.

About 4pm Chris and Charles Yust dropped by for a while. Chris and Charles are agents for GMAC insurance, and handle both mine and Nick’s insurance.

A little after 5pm Nick and Terry, and Jan and I head over to Pizza Hut where we met Joe and Marcia Jones for dinner. We had a great time getting to know them, and the pizza was really good too.

Getting back to the rig, the rain that we had been promised all day finally started to roll in. But it didn’t seem to last too long so maybe it won’t be too bad when we start parking the early birds.

Of course it wouldn’t be one of Nick’s rallies without a little rain. Or a lot, either.


Thought for the Day:

Seen on a T-shirt – Smokehouse Southern BBQ – So Authentic You’ll Want to Marry Your Sister.


More tales from our visit to Newfoundland 3 years ago.

A Rough Night at See . . .

Originally posted on September 5, 2009

After finally falling asleep about 1 am, we woke about 7:30. It was a rough night. People coughing all night, people snoring, people talking in their sleep, etc.

About 8 am we headed down to Deck 5 for breakfast at the Cafeteria, stopping off to go outside on Deck 6, for a great view of the ocean.

Ferry at Sea

Ferry at Sea

After breakfast, we went to one of the many lounges to spend the morning. Jan settled in to read and I found an outlet to plug in my laptop.

Our ferry, the “Joseph and Clara Smallwood” is 587 feet long and can hold 1200 passengers and 350 cars, RV’s, and semi’s. We’re 200 miles out in the North Atlantic, and I have both WiFi Internet and cellphone service. This ship is really something.

But being built back in the 1990′s, i.e. ‘pre-laptop’, there are not enough electrical outlets in the lounges for everyone.

They were also showing movies on big screen TV’s. We watched ‘Night at the Museum’, “Shrek II”, and others.

Around noon we headed back to the cafeteria for lunch of soup and sandwiches. And then after lunch we moved all our stuff down to Deck 5 so we would be closer to our truck on Deck 3 when the time came.

We docked about 2:30 pm and were called to our vehicles about 2:45. We were told not to start our vehicles until it came our time to move, and then we started up and moved out…not.

Actually, I turned the key and only got a ‘click, click, click’. Dead battery.

I still don’t know what the problem was. None of my lights were left on. Anyway, I wasn’t the only one. Two other vehicles needed a jump start, also.

Finally, we were off the ship and on our way.

We decided to head south down the peninsular to drive what is known as the Irish Loop, though we only did a half-loop since we wanted to get back to St John’s to get a hotel room before dark.

And now some pretty pictures of our drive.

Tors Cove

Tors Cove

Irish Loop 1

Irish Loop 1

Irish Loop 2

Irish Loop 2

Irish Loop 3

Irish Loop 3

Irish Loop 4

Irish Loop 4

Irish Loop 5

Irish Loop 5

And I’m glad we did come back a little early, because we had to try three hotels before we found a room.

While we were hunting hotels, we saw Montana’s Steakhouse and thought we’d give it a try later. And we did. And it was good.




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  1. Beautiful journey…thanks for reposting older posts too…makes it interesting!! Have fun at the rally!!

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