More of the Same . . .

Today was pretty much yesterday, redux, with a couple of extras.

First off, Jan and I headed out a little before noon to have lunch at La Carreta, our favorite local Mexican restaurant. They have a great Chicken Tortilla Soup that I always try to have a couple of times while we’re in Celina.

Then after lunch I dropped Jan off to have her nails done while I made the rounds of more restaurants. As it turned out I had pretty good luck, picking up 11 more gift certificates for rally door prizes.

Then after getting the truck washed, I picked up Jan at the nail salon. There are only 3 places in Celina that does pedicures, and apparently, this drives the prices up. Jan said she was very surprised to find out that her pedicure was $40, twice what she’s ever paid before. Ouch.

Getting back to the rig, Jan took a nap while over at Nick’s, he and I talked about where we wanted to go after the rally.

Finally about 5pm, Nick and Terry, Ron and Brenda Spiedel, and Jan and I, all headed out to have dinner at one of our gift certificate donors, Bella’s Italian Grille, an excellent Italian restaurant overlooking Grand Lake here in Celina.

After a delicious meal, and getting back to the fairgrounds, we all gathered around outside, joined by Mike and Elaine Loscher, and two newcomers, John and Kathy Huggins.

John and Kathy are hosts of the Living the RV Dream internet radio program and blog. They have a lot of interesting info on their website. Check it out.

Once again we stayed out until the bugs chased us in, rounding out another very nice day.


And for an extra treat, here’s what we were doing 3 years ago today.

Cajun Country…

Originally posted on August 29, 2009

Today Jan and I took a drive along the Acadian Coastal Highway.

I had forgotten that this is the area that the French were driven out of in the late 1700′s after the British took over the area after the Treaty of Utrecht. This is where the Cajuns (Acadians) now in Louisiana came from.

It was really strange to see an auto repair shop called Thibodeaux’s, and a restaurant called Boudreaux’s.

Almost like home.

Anyway, the drive took us along the Atlantic Coast. For the last park of the drive we could see Prince Edward Island out to sea. We saw a lot of quaint buildings and villages.

The weather was pretty overcast, and then later it started raining, so I didn’t fool with getting any pictures.

As we were heading home, we stopped by a place we had been told about called Hudson Oddities. As a child, the owner, Audrey Hudson, was always bringing home stuff she had found on the beach.

So much so, that her mother once told her, “For the love of god, child, could you please stop bringing garbage home from the beach”. Not really taking this to heart, she decide to make a business out of junk from the beach.

One of the beach things she collected was bits of broken glass, that over the years had been smoothed and polished by the wind, waves, and sand, rounding off the sharp edges until they looked like this.




and turns them into jewelry that looks like this.


Just beautiful.

After this stop, we headed home, arriving just as the rain started coming down harder.

Tomorrow we plan to make a 2 day trip over to Prince Edward Island, driving the truck over, and staying one night in a bed and breakfast.

Hopefully the rain will let up. We’ll see.


Thought for the Day:

“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away,” -  Philip K. Dick



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