Rollin’ on the River . . .

We pulled out of the Ramblin’ Fever RV Park a little after 8am this morning, after having the same problem starting the rig that we had yesterday.

Once again the engine took longer to start up than normal, and then died a couple of minutes later. And like yesterday, it started back up and ran fine the rest of the day. When it does quit I get no warning lights or check engine lights.

At this point I’m beginning to think that the culprit might be the Diesel Kleen that I added to the tank when I filled up last Monday. It’s supposed to clean out your fuel system, and my thought right now is that it has dumped some loosened-up junk in my fuel filters.

I’ll try to confirm this by replacing the generator fuel filter after we get to Celina. If that fixes the generator problem, then I’ll change out the filter on the rig. Otherwise, it’s back to square one.

We got into the Tom Sawyer RV Park on the Mississippi River in West Memphis, AR, just across the river from Memphis, TN. We’ve stayed here twice before, and always enjoy parking right on the Mississippi River.

Tom Sawyer 6

There’s a constant stream of barges and ships coming by morning, noon, and night.

Tom Sawyer Barge

I’d heard on the news recently about how parts of the Mississippi were shut down to commercial traffic due to low water levels, and our view here certainly shows it. We’ve never been able to see that part of the river bottom on the far bank before.

Tom Sawyer Low River

After settling in, we headed out about 4:30 to have dinner at the one BBQ place everyone we talked to named as the best place in Memphis – Charles Vergos’ Rendezvous.

Located in an alley, yes, an alley, in downtown Memphis, it’s been there since 1948, and turns out what Jan and I both agree are the best ribs we’ve ever eaten.

Charles Vergos Rendezvous

I’m not normally a fan of the dry rub ribs. They always seem too dry to me, but these were fantastic! They apparently put the ribs under the broiler before they serve them so there is a crispy crust on them that makes them crunchy and delicious.

They’re almost good enough to stay over another day to eat there again. But then Nick would get all whiney if we didn’t show up in Celina on Sunday.


Thought for the Day:

Hell hath no fury like a bureaucrat scorned. – Milton Friedman



7 Responses

  1. We stayed there last fall and like it so well we extended our stay for several days. Loved watching the traffic on the river.

  2. Char

    This is our 3rd time here and we like it better each time.

    So nice to have met you yesterday……..remember the lil’ dog named “Skeeter,” that’s us !!! ;)) What a wonderful website you have here. Hoping someday to be able to do the same thing you three are doing (can’t leave “Mister” out). Do you still have Emma?

    Hope you got the generator trouble ironed out.

    Take care and safe travels !!

    The Mississippi Three,

    Marion, Jerri & “Miss Skeeter”

  4. I’m sure you guys are happy to “On the Road Again”


  5. There is a difference between whining and sniveling. Get it right, Greg!

  6. Glad ya’ll found our site.

    Let us know if we can answer any questions you might have about fulltiming.

    Keep in touch.

    Greg and Jan White

  7. Janice,

    We sure are.

    The hitchitch was getting bad.

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