Closing Out Another Chapter . . .

Well, we pulled out of the Whitsett Gate Guard Services about 9 pm this morning, closing out our 4 months of The Adventures in Gate Guarding.

It’s kind of hard to sum up in just a few words, but maybe the best way is just to say “It wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t hard.”

More than anything it can be just boring. Based on our average of about 60 vehicles a day coming through the gate, and about 30 seconds per vehicle, we actually only worked about 30 minutes a day, and that’s for a 24 hour day. Jan read 84 books during the time, and I lost count of how many I read.

I’ll talk more about our time on the gate in the next few days, and of course, Jan and I will reveal all at the Gate Guard seminar we’ll be giving at Nick Russell’s upcoming Gypsy Journal Rally in Celina, OH.

Following up on today’s trip, we stopped off for lunch at Fuschak’s BBQ in San Marcos. We’ve eaten here a number of times, but never in the RV. The parking lot was too small for us, but I was able to pull off to the side along a vacant lot.

Back on the road, about 3:15pm we pulled into the Lake Whitney Thousand Trails in Whitney, TX, about 50 miles north of Waco. After driving around a little, we found a 50amp pull-thru that was long enough so we didn’t have to unhitch the toad since we were going to eat at home tonight.

One “rut roh” moment happened about an hour into our trip when our Onan generator up and quit. And wouldn’t restart. We were running it so we could use the roof A/C’s.

It would crank and then catch for a second, before quitting. My first thought is a fuel problem. The filter was changed back in February, but it could be the fuel pump.

It was raining a little when we got here, so I’ll check it out tomorrow morning before we leave. It may be that I can’t do anything about it until we get to Celina OH. Luckily for us it’s getting cooler as we head further north so hopefully we won’t be too uncomfortable.

I’m back to daily blogging again, but this one is going to be short since I’m a little under the weather with a bad cough and a sore throat. Don’t think it’s a cold since I’m not stopped up or sneezing, so it may be allergies.

Tomorrow we’ll travel about 200 miles up to Mount Pleasant TX.


Thought for the Day:

Curve: The loveliest distance between two points. ~ Mae West



7 Responses

  1. Hope you have not caught that coughing thing going around…our son’s family have had it a month now…even with meds, it is hanging on…what in the world it is no one seems to know…frustrating!!

  2. Looking forward to seeing you Sunday. Safe travels.

  3. congratulations! You did it! Looking forward to hearing from you regularly now…:-)

  4. I’ve missed your regular blogs. I’m glad you made some spending $ but, truth to tell, I’m glad we’ll be able to hear from y’all regularly.

  5. Elizabeth,

    Sure sounds like that’s what I’ve got.

    But Jan’s fine so far.

  6. Did you have to sign the non-disclosure agreement everyone is talking about?

  7. Bobbie,

    Actually I just ignored it. And they never asked.

    On top of that, I don’t know about anyone else’s, but my copy didn’t say anything signing it and returning it.

    So I didn’t.

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