As of 7pm this evening we’ve been told that we can stop logging at the gate. The rig is going to start moving tomorrow, and we’re free a couple of days early.

But the nice part is that we still get paid until Monday when we actually leave here.

We’re FREE!


5 Responses

  1. So are you saying you want to retire again?? Lol

  2. Congrats!!

    We’re on our way next week to our Amazon gig. We have been accepted as Camperforce Scouts. Yay! That means a bit more pay and we will be operational about 50% of the time and training new staff. We start Sept. 2nd.

    Safe Travels to you!

    Al and Adrienne

  3. You and Jan have been exemplary employees. In Jan’s case it is because of hear fearlessness in dealing with spiders and scorpions. In your case it is because you are resourceful and able to tackle new challenges and recognize problems that management needs to know about. Oh, and that video of you doing the drop tro dance is hugely popular on U-tube. You guys will not soon be forgotten.

  4. Job well done! You stuck with it in spite of heat and bugs! Congratulations.

  5. Of course the pressing question, is will you do it again next year? And you don’t have to answer that right away, so have a safe trip back up to Ohio………….

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