Never Kill A White-Headed Fly . . .

Especially one that says “Help Me. Help Meeeeeee” in a high, squeaky voice.
(Obscure Movie Reference)

The last few days we’ve had a fly invasion here at the gate. One of the things we’ve liked about this gate over our last one near Charlotte is the distinct lack of insects. No mosquitoes, no katydids in my pants, no tarantulas (not really an insect, but still under the generic ‘bug’ category). But now we have flies. Lots and lots of flies. They started out just a few, but now we get 6 or 8 at a time.

This afternoon Jan did the ‘water in the clear plastic bag’ thing, and no, Jan doesn’t watch “Mythbusters”. So I guess tomorrow we’ll see how that works.

My question is this. Why only 6 or 8 flies at a time? You kill the 6 or 8, and then a few minutes later, 6 or 8 more show up.

Why don’t they all show up at once?  Do they queue up someplace nearby? Is there some sort of allocation system so you don’t have ‘fly overcrowding’ in any one area, and everyone gets their ‘fly quota’?

Or is there a fly dispatcher? “Here’s your next assignment. Sign here, and we’ll notify your next of kin, all 27 million of them.”

And are you as disappointed as I am that Raid “Flying Insect” spray doesn’t kill flies like it does on TV?  You know, there’s a big BOOM!, and when the smoke clears, the fly is lying there on his back with his little fly feet up in the air.

I want the BOOM!

And did you ever notice that his little fly feet have little tiny shoes on them? Couldn’t they fly better without the shoes?

Inquiring minds, and all that.

Well, we’ve got less than a month to go on our gate guarding experience. We plan on leaving the gate on Monday, August 20th. As it stands now, we’ll first head down the road about 5 miles and spend the night at the Gate Guard Services yard while we get the rig set to travel. We’ve been parked either at the yard or on a gate since April 5th, and it always takes awhile to get everything tucked away when we’ve been off the road that long. Then that night we’ll drive into San Antonio for one last Mexican meal, probably at La Fonda on Main.

Leaving the 21st, we’ll take a leisurely 6 days to travel the almost 1400 miles to Celina, OH to help Nick Russell and his wife Terry get ready for the upcoming Gypsy Journal Rally that will start a week later.

We’ll try to hit a couple of Thousand Trails parks along the way, but don’t quite know yet how that’ll work out. We’ll see. I know we’ll spend one night in southern IL with Jan’s sister Debbie, but after that it’s all up in the air.’

Just the way we like it.

My Android Free App of the Day is ListNote. Apparently using the same technology as Google’s Voice Search, it does an excellent job of turning voice dictation in text files that can be exported into other software. Pretty neat.

Wrapping up, with the recent killings in Colorado and the accompanying calls for more gun control, to me this photo says it all.

Spoons Made Me Fat


Thought for the Day:

In 1776 the Sioux defeated the Cheyenne in war and took the Black Hills from them.
About 100 years later the US did the same to the Sioux.
Why does the first conquest confer legitimate title and the second doesn’t?



10 Responses

  1. Re. Android Free App of the Day: I just got a Kindle Fire. Any suggestions on what rving apps (free or $) I should get? Will Google maps work on it? How about CoPilot? Gas Buddy? You seem to be Nick Russell’s “go to” guy on technology issues and that’s recommendation enough for me, lol.

    How about giving those of us that are not as sharp on techie issues a daily tip for the Kindle, Android, or iPad. I need all the help I can get.


  2. Hey Greg … Let Jan know that those bags of water are supposed to contain a few pennies.
    Looking forward to a full report on this scientific fly chasing mission.

  3. I got quite a chuckle from the second sign in your photo. Thanks for that.

  4. Judy,

    Unless an app is found in the Kindle Fire Store, it probably can’t be installed on your Fire.

    I say ‘probably’ because, when it can be installed, it can only be done with some convoluted steps to get around some restrictions.

    Don’t know about Gas Buddy. Haven’t tried it since I have it on my phone.

    Most mapping type programs won’t work because the Fire doesn’t have GPS. Hopefully the new one will.

    I’ll continue to post apps as I come across neat ones.

  5. Jim,

    She didn’t put any pennies in the bags. Maybe that’s the problem.

    Because right now the flies just seemed to find them a convenient landing place.

  6. Linda,


    Maybe that’s my problem.

    It’s the spoon’s fault.

    And probably a knife and fork is involved too.

  7. What, you never heard of fly rationing? Times are tough all over.

  8. Haha…love the logic of the sign photo!!

    Here is a link to some natural ways to deter or kill flies…including making your own fly paper: …look online for more ideas!! Maybe you will discover something to help the rest of us too!!

  9. Thanks for the laughs re: 6 – 8 flies at a time. Quite enjoyable. Good luck with the removal thereof.

  10. […] Decir que las armas matan es como afirmar que las cucharas provocan obesidad (obtenido aquí) […]

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