Or Maybe Not . . .

Well, now we’re confused. Of course it wouldn’t be the first time.

When we started up at this gate about a week ago, we were told it would run 7 – 8 weeks, which was perfect for us since it meant we wouldn’t have to move again before we planned on leaving Texas for parts north around the 20th of August.

But then late last week we heard the rig would here only 30 days. Bummer! That would mean we would have to move again before we planned to leave, or else knock off early and lose a couple of thousand dollars in gate guard pay.

OUCH!  You know how much that would hurt me.

But then a couple of days later we heard it was going to be a 40 day drill. Well, that wouldn’t be too bad. We could probably make that work.

So now we don’t know what to figure on. I guess we’ll know more as time goes on.

One thing different on this site is how close the crew trailer is to us. At our last site it was about 75 yards away.

Marathon Crew Trailer


But at this site they’re snuggled right up close and personal next to us.

Peggy Gate Crew Trailer

The only real problem is parking for everyone. The last few guys in have to park on the grass, and a couple got stuck during the rains last week. Other than that, no problems, no loud parties, since having any alcohol on site is a termination offense.

This morning we were running low on bottled water so about 11:30am I made a run to the Exxon station on I-37 about 5 miles away. And while I was there I picked up some fried chicken and baked potato wedges. We’ve gotten their chicken several times before and it’s always been delicious, and this time was no exception. Very good.

Then later this afternoon while outside on the gate, I started getting the distinct odor of sewage. Since I had dumped our tanks this morning, i was afraid there was something wrong with our system, but after walking around back, I discovered it was pouring out of one of the crew trailer’s two systems and filling up a nearby ditch.


I immediately called the Company Safety Man to let him know about the problem.

The sewage from the trailer first goes into the small green container (called “the honeypot”). There a macerator pump pushes the sewage up into the big green tank.


The sewage was pouring from the honeypot so I figure either the pump failed or the float valve that controls the pump got stuck.

Either way, some guys from Stellar (the company that supplies the trailer and supports it) showed up with a new honeypot and took care of the problem. All that remains now is to get one of the vacuum truck guys to suck up what’s left in the ditch when they come by tomorrow.

The drill rig up the hill from us started pulling out yesterday.


Gary and Susan, the gate guards for that rig, left the day before for their well-deserved time off before the rig catches up with them. It’s strange to look over that way and just see darkness after being brightly lit for so long.

One thing kind of different with this rig location is how busier we are here than the previous site, about 4 – 5 pages a day rather than the 2 – 3 pages before. This means we’re logging in 60 – 80 vehicles a day rather than the 30 – 40 a day before. Still not a lot of work.

I ask one of the guys coming through the gate about it and he laughed and said it was because we were so close to civilization now. Before, we were 20 miles out in the boonies, but now we’re just 5 miles off the Interstate. Reps and support guys can cruise through the site, check on their workers, and be back on the road.  Then they can write it up in their daily logs how busy they were.. And it’s even better for them with two rigs here. So now we know


Thought for the Day:

So how do a fool and his money get together in the first place?



6 Responses

  1. Well I hope the 40 days works for you. We try to work 6/7mos. but this yer we just want to work 4 mos. at a time. What is Nick’s Seminar?

  2. I hate the calendar on your home page! lol. When I use to travel overseas, the ISO calendar and the days in a foreign language would mess me up all the time! I was reading the blog and thought of something else, and looked at the calendar and got my weekend confused. Oh well, doesn’t matter, I am retired and have 7 Saturdays and 1 Sunday anyway.

  3. Mickey,

    We’ve been at a gate since 4/15. This is our 4th gate and the 3rd one with this rig.

    Nick Russell is a good friend of ours (and his wife, Miss Terry, of course), and does two RV rallies a year, one in the spring in Yuma, AZ and one in the IN/OH area in the fall. Of course, he also publishes a RV Newspaper called the Gypsy Journal and is a Best Selling Murder Mystery author in his spare time.

    When we leave here the 20th of August, we’ll be heading north to Celina, OH to help Nick get ready for the rally. He has a whole schedule of seminars given during the rally, on many different RV-related subjects.

    I’ll be giving three seminars on Computer Q & A, 10 Things Every RV’er Needs, and Gate Guarding for FUN? and Profit.

    We’ve attended a number of rallies around the country, including the big Good Sam’s The Rally in Louisville, and Nick’s are the very best.


  4. Sorry we confused you. LOL

    Must be me rubbing off on you.

  5. I am Judy from Travels with Dick and Judy and got your blog info from Janice from Evans Escapades. We are thinking about gate guarding in Texas this fall/winter, and look forward to following your blog.

  6. Judy,

    Glad to have you reading our blog.

    If you want to go back to the beginning of this adventure, we arrived in Whitsett, TX on April 5th to start our paperwork, and got our first gate on April 15th.

    Greg and Jan

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